Serve up a tasty treat for both the mouth and the eyes with this one-of-a-kind cutting boards as a high end promotional product. This handcrafted, bamboo board is constructed with care to preserve the natural edges and wood grain. With no two the same, these trays provides four-star presentation for all your favourite foods as a well as a solid base for all your kitchen work. This product makes for a suitable corporate gift or high-end Promo product.

High End Promotional Product - Bamboo Cutting Board

High End Promotional Product – Bamboo Cutting Board

Kitchenware makes for great high end promotional products

Want an item that isn’t for the office but will be constantly used? This custom imprinted large bamboo cutting board may be  precisely what you are looking for. With a large cutting surface and an attractive appearance, there is no question that this cutting board will not only be a welcome addition to any chef shrine but quickly become a kitchen favourite. Your company details or logo can be engraved into the bambo0 resulting in a stylish piece that will be look great in any kitchen.

Environmentally Friendly

To successfully promote your business one needs to find new marketing channels that help build brand awareness. The kitchenware sector may just be that area that you need in order to have it underscore your marketing message and differentiate your company from the rest. The natural material of bamboo is a great alternative to standard woods. It is the fastest growing plant on our planet and does not require any special care to grow. In fact, it is a grass that produces more oxygen than a hard wood forest of comparable size. Therefore the bamboo cutting board makes for  a great corporate responsibility driven marketing message for your company.


The natural material of bamboo is a material that feels, looks and function as a material that is of high-end quality. Having a kitchenware gift that is made of bamboo gives it a quality and aesthetic that usual plastic kitchenware just doesn’t give. Your customers or employees will appreciate the thought and care put into the details of the gift such as the material you choose. Selecting a gift that is high-end also then adds to the perceived value to your brand.


Kitchenware makes great promotional products because of its practicality and utility to anyone who has a kitchen at home! This means that with this gift will be one that your customers or employees use nearly, if not, everyday. Engrave your company logo onto the gift to have it be a walking advertisement and reminder of your brand to your customers and employees. This not only increases brand awareness, but also encourages brand loyalty.

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