Ever since, we were stuck quarantined in our rooms, we’ve seen quite an influx in people getting inspired in the kitchen. Cute home cook tutorials all over the internet, and There has been so many These cute custom kitchen timers stood out during the last year’s trade show with their bright colors and quirky designs. Check out some of them here.

Promotional Kitchen Timers

Promotional Kitchen Timers

Our team visits trade shows every year to keep up with what is trending in the promotional product industry. During this 2019 Canton Fair, we were lucky to find so many interesting merchandise such as these kitchen timers. The designs range from pitchers, delicious cupcakes, beauty products, and cute figurines. Novelty is the main selling point of these items. As such, we are certain customers will absolutely love them.

There is so much you can get from these cute custom promotional products as they are not only high-utility, but they also serve as decorative pieces in the kitchen.


Why Promotional Kitched Timers are Excellent Gifts for Customers?

1. Novelty

What we really like about these mechanical timers is their uniqueness. They easily catch customer attention due to their out-of-the-box designs. Something as unique as these products would drive your customers to pay attention to your products. Furthermore, offering products that your competitors do not have will increase its perceived value as they are deemed “exclusive” and “limited-edition.”

Here, you will see various cute animals and cartoon characters. Such items are ideal for brand licensing and marketing-movies.

Promotional Kitchen Timers

Promotional Kitchen Timers

2. Practicality

Manual timers are usually used in the kitchen for baking and cooking, however, you can also use them for other purposes such as when working on assignments, playing board games, and working out.


3. Ideal for the Beauty Industry

Our team also spotted some cute mechanical timers in the shape of cosmetic packaging. This one in the shape of a moisturizer container will really pique the curiosity of your customers. If you take a closer look, the lid is actually the knob of the timer, with numbers printed around it. Marketing managers can work around this design and customize the color and printing as they see fit. If you are feeling adventurous and would like to boost your brand campaign, then this product would certainly be ideal as cosmetic promotional gift.

Promotional Kitchen Timers

Promotional Kitchen Timers


4. Makes Great Gift for Kitchen Promotions

These colorful pitchers would make great gifts with purchase along with kitchen appliances, baking products, drinks, and breakfast items. The top half serves as the knob. To use, hold the lower half while twisting the top part to set the timer.

Promotional Kitchen Timers

Promotional Kitchen Timers

Below are timers in the shape of pots, alarm clocks, and pitcher. The shiny surface makes these items look like real pieces of stainless kitchenware and cookware. You can have them in bronze and gold finish to add warmth and variety to your marketing gifts.

Promotional Kitchen Timers

Promotional Kitchen Timers

5. Ideal for Baking and Food Promos

Here we have mini cupcakes and macaron, pots and pans, mushrooms, and ramen. The designs are appropriate for kitchen promotions and the food industry. They can be given away as a redemption gift offer for food chains and coffee shops or complimentary gift with purchase alongside baking products and utensils.

Why not put together a promotional gift set consisting of a timer, custom silicone moulds, spatula, and egg beater? This way, customers will get more items for the price of one, while you are working towards increasing your ROI.

Promotional Kitchen Timers

Promotional Kitchen Timers


To sum up, these wind up timers may be small, but they offer tremendous advertising and branding potential. Not only can you get the body printed with your brand name or logo, but you can also make them into different bespoke shapes that turn heads! These timers also target a wide range of customers such as men, women, parents, students, home cook, and even kids.


We Can Help Make Promotional Gifts for Customers

So, are you considering making some cool promotional gifts for customers? If so, why not work with us? Our team of designers and merchandisers will help you create the best promotional products for your business. Refer to product code 2710 when contacting our merchandisers. Aside from manufacturing, we also specialize in sourcing products in China and Vietnam. So do not hesitate to contact us today!

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