These customized canvas bags at a grocery store in the Philippines caught our attention. The bags were used as a special packaging for promotional gift packs offered by a supermarket. Due to their simple, yet functional design, they stood out from the shelf!

Customized Canvas Bag

Customized Canvas Bags

Inside the canvas bags are an assortment of food products such as cheese, fruit cocktail, all-purpose cream, and pineapple tidbits. We love the combination of plastic and canvas in this packaging idea. Canvas lends a homey appeal while the clear front cover allows customers to see the contents.


Customized Canvas Bags – Why We Like the Packaging

Durable – Canvas fabric is tightly woven so it is tough and long lasting. Thus, it makes carrying multiple products safe and easy. Moreover, the durability of the packaging ensures that the products are well protected.

Ergonomic Design – The bags have strings for handle, which are soft to the touch, allowing customers to carry the bags easily. The additional benefits give the products an edge over other brands because the promise of convenience encourages customers to buy this pack.

Customized Canvas Bag

Customized Canvas Bags

Reusable – We love the fact that customers can use these bags long after they have consumed the food products. This  reduces the need to use single-use plastic when shopping for few items.

Sales Boost – When faced with similar looking products, customers will certainly choose the one that offers an incentive. Not only will they be able to carry the products with ease, but they certainly looked more appealing with the canvas bag as packaging. These points clearly set your brand apart.

Incentivizes Customers – The promotional reusable bags also work as a freebie which they can use for other purposes other than shopping. Customers can use them to carry personal items at the beach or keep food during picnics. Practical promotional items such as these bags can definitely encourage customers to make additional purchases. This is because these items

Make Shopping a Breeze – This custom gift set includes items that are essential for Noche Buena meals. Thus, putting together these items in one pack is a smart move. Marketing managers not only were able


Here’s a similar-looking canvas packaging from a wine brand. The front part utilizes a clear material to allow customers to see what they are going to get while canvas lines the edges and covers the entire back part.


What Could Be Improved?

Since the promotional gift set is a special Christmas offering by the store itself, putting the name of the shop in the bag is ideal. This would help promote the store even outside the shopping premises.

If you are looking to create canvas tote bags for promotional product packaging, then do consider adding closures to keep contents safe. Furthermore, it will make the bag look more visibly appealing and functional.


So, were you inspired by this product packaging design idea? If so, do not hesitate to contact The ODM Group today. We have a team of experienced product designers at Mindsparkz who can ship up excellent packaging designs for your business. If you have a design idea in mind, let us know by sending us an email.

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