Offering a promotional gift pack is a simple way to grab customer attention and stimulate sales. When promoting your brand, think of incorporating another product that can be used together with the main selling item. Take for example, Jack Daniel’s and Coca-Cola. Their promotional gift pack includes a bottle of whisky, coke and a glass.

Promotional Gift Pack

Promotional Gift Pack

Why A Promotional Gift Pack?

A custom gift set or promotional gift pack can be a great way to impress your customers. It convinces customers to buy your product because they’ll get more than one product in one single transaction. Consequently, to increase brand reach, your custom in-store display, branded gift with purchase, or promotional product packaging should be eye-catching enough.

But why is a promotional gift pack a good marketing strategy?

  1. Adds Value – First of all, it adds value to your product. In other words, a promotional gift pack makes it more interesting. Customers will not miss a good offer! Make a valuable deal by having a 3-in-1 product that customers will enjoy. In our example, Jack and Coke made customers feel as if they are getting more value for money. Thus, more people were motivated to buy their products which helped boost their sales.
  2. Ensures Brand Awareness – What is more, as more people buy their product, it increases their brand awareness as well. Here’s why. Once customers are satisfied, they will be the first to recommend this product to their friends and family. Word-of-mouth is always a good way to gain exposure! So what could you do for your brand? Make sure that the on-pack offer is connected closely to the main product. When they see it useful, that gift pack is sold!
  3. Practical – Putting together products that go well together allows customers to get all the products they need in one go. This way, they won’t have to make multiple trips to several shelves to get what they need.
  4. On Pack Gifts Incentivizes Customers – Including a custom logo glassware in the gift set practically invites customers to buy “now!” This is because it serves as a customer incentive. Rewards appeal to customers’ competitive nature so getting a freebie from their regular purchase will push them to look forward to more of your future promotions.
  5. Prolongs Brand Exposure – A promotional branded glass will certainly be used by customers on a daily basis. Thus, this extends Jack Daniel’s and Coke’s exposure beyond shop floors.

Think of Jack&Coke as an example. It is practical and you have everything you need in one set to make a whisky-coke drink. Surely gets the attention! A Promotional Gift Pack is convenient for any customer.


Why ODM?

Enquire at The ODM Group to learn more about how we can help grow your business through the effective use of custom promotional merchandise and well-designed custom retail packagingOur product designers will be able to provide you with multiple unique and interesting marketing gift ideas. We have team of great designers and specialists here! They are capable of assisting you throughout every process so o not hesitate to contact us!


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