Fentimans custom logo glassware is a wonderful gift for vodka and rum lovers. The brand put together vodka and rum gift sets for their last campaign. And we absolutely love the promotional glass and all the freebies included.

Fentimans Case Study: Custom Logo Glassware as On-Pack Gift

Fentimans Case Study: Custom Logo Glassware as On-Pack Gift

This is great for people who love cocktails which is why it is perfect for parties or home use. Each gift set comes with two brands of the featured liqueur, and Fentimans Curiosity Cola and Ginger Beer as mixers. But it was the custom logo glassware that got us really interested – we love a good drinks promo gift.


Fentimans Case Study: Custom Logo Glassware as On-Pack Gift

Fentimans Case Study: Custom Logo Glassware as On-Pack Gift

Custom drinking cups and branded glassware are among marketers’ top choices for drinks promotions. Here’s why:

Why Custom Logo Glassware?

  • Related to the Product: It is a tangible reminder of customers’ purchase. This drives brand engagement as customers relate the brand to delicious cocktails every time they use the glass. Such product also makes a fantastic collectible item, increasing brand recall in return.
  • Builds Trust: It’s a great way of showing your gratitude and this is important for building your reputation just like what Fentimans did.  We all get more engaged with brands who do drinks marketing products
  • Interesting: Putting the products that usually go together is a great way to promote featured brands and raise sales. The addition of a promotional glass with logo increases the value of the gift pack as it allows customers to mix their own cocktail drinks in a premium quality glassware like a pro.

Done right, a custom logo glassware as as on pack offer can improve your brand performance in so many ways. Customers will love the glassware for its aesthetics and practicality. And this can help in increasing revenue and building stronger brand presence within retail stores. Which drinks promotional products do you see making most impact on your market?

If you are considering using glassware and other glass items for your promotions, let us share with you some important information about the manufacturing process and Production Management. You can read the full article here:

For more information about the creative and manufacturing process, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team. Our in-house designers at Mindsparkz keep up with design trends in the promotional product industry. We can help you from brainstorming design concepts through the production stage. Our team also have direct contact with China factories that’s why you can count on us for all your promotional needs.

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