On-Pack Glasses: Promo Gift by Jameson Irish Whiskey

Whatever your products may be, you can include any promotional gift you like. There isn’t a law that dictates you cannot do that at the end of the day. Yet, in case brand activation really matters to you, we recommend going back to your roots sometimes. How will you be able to do so and still hold a candle to rivals? Learn it all through the on-pack glasses that Jameson Irish Whiskey has as a GWP.

On-Pack Glasses Promo Gift by Jameson Irish Whiskey

On-Pack Glasses Promo Gift by Jameson Irish Whiskey

There are two different sets of glassware that you will see on this blog today. The first one shows two customized glasses in a single package. These containers have more detailed bodies compared to other whiskey glass promos thus far. The bottom half has unique vertical grooves, while the top half has the embossed brand name.

In addition to that, the wrapper seems well-designed. Jameson Irish Whiskey cut out the front portion with the shape of the bottle in mind. Its appearance reflects on the packaging too. The green background color symbolizes the Irish barley that James mixes with various ingredients to perfect their blend.

It’s quite generous of the brand as well to provide a couple of glasses instead of just one. Since the product is an in-store display within a Duty Free shop, the people who will buy it are travelers. If they want to share a bottle of Irish whiskey on the plane, they can do so in premium vessels.

On-Pack Glasses Promo Gift by Jameson Irish Whiskey

On-Pack Glasses Promo Gift by Jameson Irish Whiskey

The second set (as exhibited above) has a flared tulip drinking vessel. This type of promo merchandise suits the high-end market because of its elegant look. Its user can definitely feel as if (s)he is using something of the highest quality.

The packaging can make a world of difference when aiming to activate the brand as it increases consumers’ curiosity. The glasses are practically limited edition based on the words used. Minus them, the customers will still feel they are exclusive due to the black box they come with.

Reasons to Recreate On-Pack Glasses – Example by Jameson Irish Whiskey:

  • Purity. The products seem fantastic and newsworthy even without loud colors painted on them. The only noticeable pigment is the white writing on the tulip glasses.
  • Clarity. The Jameson logo clearly shows on the drinking vessels. It basically blends in the material, yet nobody can doubt its roots after seeing it up-close.
  • Symmetry. Any of these glasses can match the grace that the brand exudes. You need this balance to become visible, especially if you wish to advertise to a high-end target market.

The glass containers are very suitable to companies whose desired consumers belong to the wealthier spectrum. A sense of class flows out of them and attracts various individuals to make a purchase. Most of the time, you won’t have to spend on other marketing schemes to promote these vessels.

Contact ODM soon to find more GWP ideas that apply to your requirements.

Distinct Promo Gifts in Duty-Free Stores


What is an On-pack Promotion?

An On-pack promotion is a type of sales promotion strategy that encourages shoppers to purchase their products by offering a free gift. It is a subset of gift-with-purchase. Unlike Redemption Gifts, these gifts are integrated onto the packaging which is much more visible in retail.

What is a Gift-with-purchase?

A gift-with-purchase is a sales promotion strategy brand managers use to encourage impulse purchases. It gives customers an added value by offering a gift for purchasing their product. The gift is usually different from the core product, but is ideally complementary to the product.

What type of gift is appropriate for alcohol?

Jiggers, shakers, drinking glasses, drinking games, and coasters are some popular gifts that go along with alcohol & cocktail mix.

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