The global soda company, Sprite has shown their creativeness and launched a new innovative customized in-store display. The in-store display is placed on a Sprite bottle cap, where the Sprite glass-bottle is wrinkled around in “plastic ice”. A display like this is unique because its different and creates attention in a memorable way. Customers therefore tend to remember Sprite next time they are about to purchase their next soda.

Customized In-Store Display by Sprite

Customized In-Store Display by Sprite

Customized In-Store Display to Raise Sales

Doing something unique and different is important if you want to stand out among the competition. Most businesses operate in a red-ocean market, so most marketing managers know how important it is to stand out. A customized in-store display is value creating in many ways. Every single unique detail as color, logo and material are important if you want to raise sales through advertising displays.

People tend to impulse buy when they see something unique. People are remembering your product and will therefore think about your brand next time when they are in a buying-situation.

Tailor your In-Store Displays in line with your Brand Identity

To succeed in a fast growing global business world, it is important to stick to your core competencies and your brand identity. Concepts which are fully developed , branded in line with the brand has large potential to succeed. Sprite tends to succeed in this, as most merchandise products are matching each other. This naturally helps companies like sprite to stay in customers top-of-mind and thus increase brand awareness among the specific target group.

Customized In-Store Display by Sprite

Customized In-Store Display by Sprite

Feel free to contact the ODM Group to learn more about customized in-store displays like Sprite’s, which you can include in your marketing strategy. We have years of experience with sourcing promotional products for companies all over the world. If you are interested in similar products, check out some of our related case studies below:

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