The French Pen company BIC, is now offering their pens through creative in-store displays. The UK based supermarket Sainsbury’s is hosting this back to school offer during August this year. The creative in-store display contains pens in a school bus with the promotion, “win 10 pound every 10 min.” This offer creates a lot of brand attention, as it is being promoted in a different way, there will be an added value to every pen BIC is selling.

Back To School In-Store Display by BIC

Back To School In-Store Display by BIC

Effective In-Store Display

If BIC wants to target the right target group, they need an effective in-store display, which fits to the target group. A school bus is a great and creative idea to increase sales among the core customers. Children, and the Parents of them, are attracted to this branded bus, due to the familiarity with school. By this the company creates more brand awareness among their target group.


Back To School In-Store Display by BIC

Back To School In-Store Display by BIC

It is sometimes difficult to gain customers specific attention, it is even more difficult to stand out among the competition. Creative displays like the promotions from BIC, helps to makes your marketing approach closer to a blue ocean strategy. (Innovative strategy)

How does BIC Benefit from In-Store Displays?

In store displays are great marketing ideas, when planning your complete marketing approach. All businesses will find in-store displays useful. This promotional marketing strategy helps you to create more value for the products you are selling. BIC is standing out among the competition with this school bus display. Customers will be much more likely to purchase a pen from BIC, rather than from competitors, because of the creative promotional design. Designs like this have huge importance when you are expanding your business, it will increase brand awareness and as well boost sales in the long term.

ODM Group already have a lot of experiences in designing and manufacturing POS displays like this. Below are some other related products you can look at for more inspiration.

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Den Franske kuglepenne producent BIC betytter sig af kreativt in-store displays. I august dette år, blev overstående bus spottet i et supermarked. Disse in-store displays skaber mere brand awareness og fremviser dit produkt på en ny kreativ måde.