The Swiss coffee brand Nescafé is using sensory branding in their marketing approach though a creative in-store display to evoke customers’ emotions and then increase total brand recognition. This in-store promotion is tailored to the Chinese market and was a part of the brands strategy to increase awareness in the Chinese city Changde in the Hunan province.

In-Store Display to Increase Brand Awareness by Nescafé

In-stores displays like the above appeals to create attention. Large desks and banners help to boost sales of the focus product, that the company wants to advertise. The coffee brand therefore benefits from this display by boosting their new cold coffee drink.

In-Store Display that stimulate senses in relation to Nescafé.

Food and beverage companies can benefit from in-store displays like above. It is meant to evoke senses in order to increase sales and brand recognition. In-store displays are therefore a must have for companies, which are competing in this kind of markets. Customers can taste the product, which makes the buying decision a lot easier. This thus helps customers to purchase impulse and thereby boost sales in the short run.

How does Nescafé benefit from this In-Store Display?

In-store displays are great marketing ideas, when planning your complete marketing approach. All businesses will find in-store displays useful. For authentic drinks brands like Nescafé, it is equally important to launch promotions like this. The company is competing in a red ocean market, with a lot of suppliers. This naturally means that promotions like this will make them more special than others. The first impression is often one of the most important things and therefore is a in-store display like this beneficial. It will help your company to create more brand awareness and help to increase sales of the product.

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