DHL Express is one of the quickest and most efficient courier services in the world. Such a company would need to keep up with its marketing campaign. If not, customers may switch to use servies from its competitors (FEDEX, SF or UPS). DHL is currently offering their customers with branded giveaways as part of their marketing campaign.They are giving away tissue boxes in the shape of their delivery van. This giveaway is very unique as it allows customers to remember how their vans look like.

We can see below an example of this excellent marketing promotional product that will definitely attract their customers and make them remember the DHL Express brand for courier services:

Using a marketing product to increase our brand awareness like DHL Express: Diposable Tissues

Using a marketing product to increase our brand awareness like DHL Express: Diposable Tissues

How does a marketing promotional product like this one help increase a brand’s visibility?

A marketing gift appeals to customers as they enjoy receiving complimentary items. This marketing gift proves DHL’s ideology. When the recipient of the gift sees an actual DHL van on the road, he would remember the tissue box he received. This would help him form a good impression of DHL.

Nowadays, businesses require express services to send documents or packages around the world. They need a courier service that can deliver packages as fast as possible. DHL is famous for their efficiency. They are also famous for their ability to delivery packages to its destination safely.

A successful marketing campaign starts from the customer. Customers should be the first priority of a company as they are the source of revenue. Building up trust with clients is important to increase sales. This also helps to increase brand visibility. When customers trust the brand, they would spread its good name via word of mouth. All these will enhance the company.

This marketing product is simple and cost effective. It is a good product to promote your brand with as many benefits can be reaped.