Saky is currently offering a promo gift. This promotion is available at Walmart, Zhuhai. With every tube of toothpaste that you purchase, you will get to receive a toothbrush. There are a variety of colours to choose from so hurry make your way down to Walmart now and receive your toothbrush before the stocks run out!

On-going promotions at Walmart: Promo Gift by Saky

On-going promotions at Walmart: Promo Gift by Saky

Saky is a professional oral care brand by Guangzhou Wei Timmia Personal Care Products Co., Ltd. ‘s. Saky provides professional solutions for a variety of oral problems, oral care, on all fronts, allowing users to have a healthy oral environment, so that the world has a sweet smile.

Why make use of this toothbrush as a promo gift?

A toothbrush is an essential item in every person’s everyday life. It is irreplaceable and indispensable, thus making it the perfect gift to go with toothpaste as the core product. Saky has made an excellent choice in choosing this toothbrush as a promo gift. Instead of giving the usual mugs or figurines as a promo gift, the toothbrush is a much better choice as it is extremely useful.

This toothbrush would be able to capture the attention of most consumers as they do not have to purchase an additional toothbrush when they purchase the toothpaste and this helps them to save costs. It is also great for those who are going away for camps or holidays for a longer period of time. For those who are intending to be away from home for at least a couple of weeks, the travel sized toothpaste might not be enough to last them. In this case, buying a tube of toothpaste from Saky would be a great choice as the toothbrush comes along as well.

How can a promo gift help to increase sales for the company?

A promo gift helps to ensure that your company has a stronger foothold in your industry. With many competitors out in the market these days, it is vital for your company to stand out from the rest in order to attract and retain more customers. By offering a promo gift, customers tend to remember your brand name instead as it shows that you care for them.

Customers who have received the promo gift would also spread word about your company. Word of mouth is the fastest and most cost effective form of advertising in this day and age. If your company leaves a good impression on your consumers, many would hear about how good your products are and this would attract more people to buy your products. With more customers choosing your brand over others, it would help to increase sales for the company in the long run.

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