Despicable Me is an immensely successful movie franchise that takes over the worldwide cinemas every time they release a new movie. The stars of this franchise are the cute and little Minions that are so impossible to hate. As a result, their movies turned out to be a box office hit. With this in mind, the creators created a series of promotional DVD packs for  brand activation. Customers receive minion googles as an on-pack gift every time thy purchase the set.

Free on-pack gift for brand activation by Despicable Me

Free on-pack gift for brand activation by Despicable Me

Minion Goggles For Brand Activation

Minion goggles are associated with the Minion character. Some minions wear these spectacles all throughout the movie. Using these goggles as promotional giveaways bear a lot of marketing benefits because of its strong association with the lead characters of the movie. Furthermore, this is a great way to market movies.

Free on-pack gift for brand activation by Despicable Me

Free on-pack gift for brand activation by Despicable Me

How Can Promotional Products Help Your Brand Reach Marketing Targets?

There are many ways to use promotional items for your marketing idea. If you want to reach as many potential customers and in addition increase your brand awareness, you can offer promotional products as a free give away.

When offering your promotional products as a redemption gift or gift with purchase, like these Minion goggles, you will increase your product recognition and raise your sales.

If you want to improve your customer retention, it’s great to use your advertising items as branded merchandise in your stores or in your online shop.

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