Check out this on-pack cereal promotion for Despicable Me 3 by Weetabix UK! You’ll find these products along with other cereals such as Ready Brek, which is also promoting the movie through an on-pack campaign, in UK department stores.

Weebix On-Pack Cereal Promotion for Despicable Me 3 Fun & Engaging

Weetabix On-Pack Cereal Promotion for Despicable Me 3: Fun & Engaging

Exciting Despicable Me 3 merchandise is up for grabs every hour! All customers need to do is buy a box of Weetabix and find the promo code inside. Visit and enter the promo code to win any of these cool prizes: a remote-controlled drone, a night mission goggle, and a flying unicorn.

On-pack promotions are an effective way to make your brand stand out against a sea of similar products in departments stores. Scan your local supermarket and department stores and you’ll find a host of on-pack promotions. Whether they are offering a gift with purchase item, launching a new product, promoting their cause, or marketing movies, you’ll notice how effective this sales promotion is in pulling in customers.

What We Can Learn from Weetabix UK’s On-Pack Cereal Promotion

  • Informative: The mechanics for winning these cool prizes are printed on the back. The instructions are clear and simple. This encourages people to join the fun as the mechanics are very easy.
Weebix On-Pack Cereal Promotion for Despicable Me 3 Fun & Engaging

Weetabix On-Pack Cereal Promotion for Despicable Me 3: Fun & Engaging

  • Mass Appeal: Despicable Me 3 is popular among kids, parents, and kids at heart. As such, it appeals to a wide range of demographics. Tremendous brand exposure is only one of the many benefits of promoting a popular movie franchise.
  • Repeat Customers: Not only will customers enjoy a hearty bowl of cereal but every time they buy their product, they get a chance to win fantastic prizes from Despicable Me 3. This builds excitement and encourages them to buy more.
  • Fun Collectibles: The products are more than just a toy. Because they are of high quality, they make great collectible items. Collectors, who are fans of the said movie, will be stoked to update their collection. In turn, they might show their appreciation by patronizing your brand over your competitors.


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