Fruit juice drink brand Capri Sun launched its on-pack promotion campaign ‘Capri Sun Minions Promo’ three years ago. The brand entered into a mutual promotion agreement that is beneficial for both the Minions Movie and Capri Sun as it was deemed to help create brand awareness on a bigger scale. With the success of the movie, the strategy proved to be favorable for both parties.

Participants of the competition had a chance to win 2000 squashy minions and the main prize of a three-night trip to New York for the whole family. All the people have to do is to get a promotional pack of Capri Sun juice and enter their promotional code on the website.

Capri Sun launches Minion on-pack promotion

Capri Sun launches Minion on-pack promotion

Benefits of on-pack promotion

On-pack promotion is a powerful tool to draw attention to the product on-shelf and stimulate sales. Furthermore, sign ‘Limited Edition’ creates a sense of urgency, which can stimulate the customer to buy the product now instead of postponing the purchase. The collectible promos inside every carton of juice will encourage the consumers to buy more, in order to gather the full collection. This element is similar to the strategy Mc Donald’s is using with its toy collection in Happy Meals.

As a result of on-pack promotion, giveaways and a chance to win a trip to New York together can seriously boost sales of the product during the promotional period. In addition, generate the interest and excitement around the brand. Considering that Minions characters fit well with the overall image of the brand – playful, funny and likable by anyone. This creates consistency of the message and improves the image of the brand.

Capri Sun launches Minion on-pack promotion

Capri Sun launches Minion on-pack promotion

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