Collectible Promos are a fun way to get your brand into your customers’ pockets. Here at ODM, we love to surprise our clients with cool collectible gifts they can use for various marketing projects. Check out our phone cases with changeable panels!

Phone Cases with Changeable Panels- Amazing Idea for Collectible Promos

Phone Cases with Changeable Panels- Amazing Idea for Collectible Promos

This new product takes customization to the next level. Customers will definitely love the changeable panels and the excitement that comes with collecting different designs. Therefore, companies can use them to get their customers hooked to their promotions.

Who Can Use Collectible Promos for Marketing Campaigns?

These marketing gifts target a wide range of audience: men, women, teenagers, students, adults, workers and especially collectors. Aside from cellphone promos marketers can use them in many ways due to its versatility.

Phone Cases with Changeable Panels- Amazing Idea for Collectible Promos

Phone Cases with Changeable Panels- Amazing Idea for Collectible Promos

  • Marketing Movies: To promote their movie, film outfits can use movie characters as design for the panels. When used as gift with purchase, it will encourage customers to buy more so that they could collect all the different characters. They can also give them away during special screenings or market them as limited movie merchandise.
  • Drinks Promotions: Promote your line of beer, wine, softdrinks, or energy drinks by printing the flavor on the panels. This will motivate customers to try all the flavor because of the reward that awaits them.
  • Sports Promotions: Perfect for sports clubs with different players and competitions, these items are a great way to improve brand exposure. They would be great for Olympics, where promoters can print cool designs for different sporting events. A set of phone case panels with sports icon printed on them will be perceived as a must-have collectible item for sports junkies.
  • Cosmetics Sector: These collectible phone cases with changeable panels are a creative way to promote your new lipstick swatches or eye shadow combos. Marketers can print them in full color and give them away as freebies for every product purchased.
  • Promoting Cause: If you’re promoting cancer awareness, consider printing awareness ribbons on the panel. Pink for breast cancer awareness, blue for colon cancer… and so on.

Designing Collectible Promos

These items are also perfect for trade show marketing and other industries like fashion, food, health, tech, and charity events. Basically, you want the designs to be varied. As such, it’s important to choose meaningful designs that communicate your brand message. To achieve better results, speak with our Mindsparkz team. Our in-house product designers can help you develop designs that are in-line with your marketing activity.

Why Phone Case with Changeable Panels for Collectible Promos?

  • Customizable: The design flexibility is what makes it ideal for promotions. Companies are not limited to one design, hence, allowing them to be more creative.
  • Affordable: Unlike other unique promotional gifts, this one is easy to produce and materials are abundant so production cost is lower. Brand specialists can also explore cost-effective and eco-friendly materials such as cork. These are great alternative to plastic but panels are not changeable.
  • Practical: Changeable designs allows younger customers to have trendy phone cases, whic they can match their outfit without spending too much. Moreover, people will use this product every day, ensuring your brand greater brand exposure!

If you want to get quote for this item, send us a message and reference product code 1940. Contact ODM to learn about how we can help with your collectible promos.

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