If there is one simple tool that makes our lives easier and more convenient, that would be cell phone holders. Who would have thought that this simple device would become an integral part of our digital culture? Most importantly, a custom cell phone holder offers businesses massive branding opportunities. Here’s why.

Custom Cell Phone Holder

Custom Cell Phone Holder

What Makes this Custom Cell Phone Holder Different from Others?

Eco-Friendly: Perhaps the most important characteristic of this product is the material since this is made from wheat starch. Therefore, it is eco-friendly on top of being practical and trendy. Wheat-based products are gaining popularity nowadays and are proven to be a safe and eco-friendly substitute to plastic and even leather.

What is Wheat Starch?

Aside from its uses in cooking and baking, wheat starch is also considered a fantastic raw material for the production of simple everyday products. In fact, many consider this as a sustainable substitute for plastic and other synthetic materials. Wheat starch is the by-product of wheat endosperm.

Wheat flour and starch start from the same raw material. However, they undergo different processes to obtain the desired end-product. Starch undergoes another extra step to remove fiber, protein, and other nutrients, leaving only the fine powdery starch.


Custom Cell Phone Holder

Custom Cell Phone Holder

Custom Shapes: The cell phone stands also come in quirky and funny shapes that customers will surely love. The quirky-shaped phone stand has hands and feet that support the weight of the cell phone.

Convenience: This is perfect for when customers want to enjoy watching videos, play music, and answer calls hands-free. What we like about this promotional product idea is that it can be fashioned into many different shapes. For this example, this phone stand resembles a smiley guy with hands outstretched as if ready to hug our cell phones. They may seem like an unconventional way to promote your products, but they would no doubt make your brand name easier to remember.


How to Advertise with a Custom Cell Phone Holder

Tech Industry

Portable and extremely useful, this also makes a great promotional giveaway for the tech industry. Compact and easily customizable, they are perfect as a gift with purchase item when customers purchase smartphones, or any accessories. As such, customers need not spend more to buy a phone stand separately, saving them money in the process. Furthermore, since tech products are usually expensive, free branded promotional merchandise offers more value for money.


Trade Shows

Trade shows offer companies great opportunities to connect with key players in their industry. Impress guests and connect with them through branded marketing gifts and event giveaways. One great item to offer is this custom cell phone holder made from wheat starch. This will serve as your unique business card. Your recipients can put them on their workstation, bedroom, or living room so when they see your brand printed on these items, it would create an instant recall.

Fill your swag bags with cool goodies that event attendees can use every day. Your swag bag should not be heavy but be sure that they are high-utility. You can offer them USB connectors, cable organizers, and this super cute phone stand.

Custom Cell Phone Holder

Custom Cell Phone Holder


Corporate Gift

Thinking of how to spend your year-end marketing budget? Why not invest in these eco-friendly cell phone stand? They are relatively inexpensive to make and for such items, turnaround time is fairly shorter than other bespoke gifts. Not to mention, this will be highly useful for clients, stakeholders, and employees. Cost-effective, smart, and highly practical, a custom cell phone holder offers you an opportunity to add your company’s personal touch. Furthermore, being sustainable is a plus point for your company.


Beer Marketing

While most beer sales are done in the bar, some of the most effective beer ads are found in the streets and in the subtle brand placements in our personal stuff like bags, cell phone casings, and even phone stands. Done right, brand placement on cell phone holders can also have a strong impact on the subconscious as the traditional media. The holder can be made into the shape of your beer bottle, can, or mascot. These are clever ways to create more impact while spending less.


Creative Sports Promotions

How does this connect with sports? If you are a sports buff, you always want to be updated on the latest sports news. But how can you watch the recap of your favorite basketball or baseball game if you are also busy with other tasks? A cell phone stand gives you the freedom to use your cell phone and conveniently watch videos by keeping it upright. Now, you can watch videos on demand comfortably while also writing your paper, cooking, or working out.

Custom Cell Phone Holder

Custom Cell Phone Holder

So how can sports companies advertise with a custom cell phone holder? Sponsorship plays a major role in promoting sporting events like FIFA and Olympics. They team up with beverage companies and breweries to reach their target customers. You can offer this cell phone holder as an on-pack gift or GWP with the purchase of their partner brands.


Bringing It All Together

Simple yet effective- these words sum up the reasons why you should be investing in a custom cell phone holder made from wheat starch. It is sturdy, fairly easy to customize, and allows you to add a personal touch to your custom corporate gifts. It also answers a real need: to use your cell phone comfortably, conveniently, and hands-free. All in all, this is a unique way to set our brand apart from competitors.


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