The drinks industry is one highly competitive industry. Beer companies are always looking for ways to stand out. One effective way to market your products is through custom branded brewery merchandise. Take a look at these beer marketing ideas by Heart of Darkness in Vietnam.

Brewery Merchandise

Beer Marketing Ideas

To further boost their presence in Vietnam, they are offering exclusive beer merchandise such as caps with logo, branded promotional T-shirt, drinking glass, stubby holder, coaster, poster, framed poster, and menu holder.

Heart of Darkness did a great job wooing their Asian market with their custom promotional merchandise. They are all branded, practical, and are well-designed. You can see that they really put a lot of thought and effort into making these products. But why are these products so crucial for their marketing strategy?


9 Beer Marketing Ideas and the Role They Play in Marketing Drinks

  • Branded T-Shirt – Featuring exclusive designs from their brand, these branded shirts are really appealing. Wearing the shirts outside the bar could exponentially increase their visibility beyond their shop. Ideal for trade show marketing, this can make them highly visible among potential clients and business partners.
Brewery Merchandise

Beer Marketing Ideas

  • Collar Shirt with Logo – The front and back parts of the shirt feature the company name for maximum visibility. The promotional t-shirt can be worn by customers and staff to promote their brand wherever they go.


  • Custom Caps – Wearable promotional items such as shirts and caps work as a mobile advertisement for the company. They never go out of style and they come in handy during summer. Beer and caps also make great summer promotion combo!
Brewery Merchandise

Beer Marketing Ideas

  • Stubby Holder – Keep beers cool all day long with these promotional stubby holders. These custom koozies from Heart of Darkness feature artsy designs that will suit their target market.
  • Drinking Glasses – Heart of Darkness also offers three different drinking glasses for their customers. What we love about these products is that they all showcase their signature red logo, which really helps in driving their marketing message. Therefore, these are an effective way to get their brands into the hands of their target market!


  • Framed Poster – For beer fans, nothing makes them feel like an authentic beer lover than a framed poster. Displaying them in the mini bar, living room, bedroom, and pub can help create better brand recognition.
Brewery Merchandise

Beer Marketing Ideas


  • Poster –  This one is much larger and would make a great art piece on your bar and restaurant. No more empty walls again! Displaying them where there is high foot traffic could help in creating finer brand remembrance. Furthermore, they add character to an otherwise boring blank wall.
  • Coaster – Simple yet effective, these colorful coasters will surely be a great way to promote their product. It comes in a set of 12 so this is really perfect for gatherings and parties, improving . When people are relaxed and happy they are more receptive to  new ideas. As such, having a branded coasters in your ambassadors kit could help brew up their marketing success.


Brewery Merchandise

Beer Marketing Ideas

  • Custom Menu Stand – Bars and restaurants are not complete without an acrylic menu stand to showcase their bestselling products. The brand name is slightly embossed and the red-black combination made the design pop out.


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