Beer Merchandise: Exclusive Products by Guinness and Beck’s

We found these awesome beer merchandise by Guinness and Beck’s at Debenhams department store in the UK and people keep coming over to buy their exclusive merchandise. The designs were very appealing, which helped draw in more customers.

Beer Merchandise: Exclusive Products by Guinness and Beck’s

Beer Merchandise: Exclusive Products by Guinness and Beck’s

The products target beer drinkers and collectors. Items for retail were branded ceramic mugs, pens, printed mug, pint glasses, promotional thermos, candle in a beer mug shaped glass, Christmas bauble and coasters.


Why Beer Merchandise by Guinness and Beck’s Stood Out

  • Good Brand Placement on Promotional Mug: Great for when customers want to take a sip of hot beverage in the morning or before bed. This way, the brand is the first and last thing they see in the morning and before sleeping. Made from ceramics, the mugs come in glossy and semi-matte finish. If you are interested in manufacturing ceramic mugs, contact The ODM Group. We’ll share everything you need to know about the creative and manufacturing process of ceramic mugs.
  • Superb Pint Glasses Design: Customers will love the high quality materials and design of Beck’s Pint Glass and Guinness’ pint glass set. Great for bar and home use, these glasses will gain the brand more exposure.
Beer Merchandise: Exclusive Products by Guinness and Beck’s

Beer Merchandise: Exclusive Products by Guinness and Beck’s

  • Practical: Promotional pens are a great way to maximize exposure as they do not go out of fashion. Moreover, they are practical merchandise that will always be of use to customers.
  • Relevant: The Christmas Bauble has a nice design and is perfect for Christmas. Furthermore, since the holidays mean lots of food and drinks, a decorative piece from their favorite beer brand is a fantastic marketing tactic. The value of the product increases because it is timely.
Beer Merchandise: Exclusive Products by Guinness and Beck’s

Beer Merchandise: Exclusive Products by Guinness and Beck’s

Other novelty Items:

  • Candle in the shape of beer mug: The quirky design makes it an ideal gift.
  • Alarm Clock: Brandable and unique style gives brand a cool and fun image.
  • Branded Thermos: Great for home, office, and outdoor use, thereby promoting the brand to other people outside of the retail store.
  • Use of a free standing shop display: This helped the brands gain instant visibility inside the department store.

How to Drive Brand Performance with Beer Merchandise?

Using these drinks promotional products for retail surely helped boost Guinness and Beck’s sales and raised brand awareness among their target audience. And you can replicate the same results. Practical and appealing, these drinks marketing products can help drive brand performance in many ways:

  1. As purchase with purchase promotions item: Selling the merchandise for a discounted price when they buy any of your products will help establish loyalty.
  2. As customer giveaways: Mugs are perfect giveaways as they are inexpensive to produce. Thus, business owners need not increase the selling price of their main product to recover the capital for manufacturing their promo gifts.
  3. As part of their customer loyalty program: Business owners may set up a point system wherein customers can buy the promo items once they accumulated a certain amount of points.
  4. As contest giveaways: This is a great way to increase both online and offline presence.

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