Here is a promotional product I spotted in a 7-Eleven supermarket in Hong-Kong. The famous beer brand, Guinness, offer a (PWP) purchase with purchase promotion for each bottle of beer bought.  Spend HK$ 20 on beer, then add HK$19.9 to get the beer cup.

ODM really like PWP promos since marketing managers can get free advertising and the promotion pretty much pays for itself.

Promotional Gift - Guinness Beer Chop

This promotional beer glass is a very good promotional item due to the complementary nature with Guinness products. The brand name and colours are reminded on the glass, it is a excellent vector of identity.

We have already seen many such an example of complementary promo gifts such as Kellogg’s manufacture 2.2 million Ceramic Bowls : Here the promotional product you offer really adds something to the product you sell & you can be sure that your campaign will drive sales !

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