Snow Beer is one of the most popular beers in Sichuan Province. This beer brand is one of the highest selling beer brands in the world. Chinese consumers and expats living in China enjoy Snow Beer with local dishes or during hot weather. Our staff in Chengdu recently saw a 6 pack (cans) of Snow Beer being sold with an on pack gift in a local Chinese supermarket. The gift is a branded towel that is packaged with the beers.

Snow Beer - On Pack Gift

From the picture above you can clearly see the gift being offered, it is highly visible on the supermarket shelf. Snow Beer is using this gift to attract more consumers to buy their brand over other local or foreign competitors. The towel is a basic white with the brand name “Snow Beer” written in Chinese characters. Since they are offering a towel as a gift, the Chinese brand could be trying to attract athletic individuals who drink beer. This is the perfect case of 6 pack for any athletes since they can use the towel to wash up after exercise and relax with a fresh beer!

Towels are great to give to customers as a gift with purchase. People always like receiving gifts that they can use, a new towel is always useful in winter or summer months. These kinds of gifts are entirely customizable in shape, color, design, and material.

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