On-Pack Gift with Toothbrush

We recently spotted a tooth brush being sold with an on pack gift in a Pharmacy in Chengdu, Sichuan. The on pack gift is a metal spoon with a panda design. The tooth brush brand “Sanxiao” is trying to increase their brand exposure by offering a free spoon with a panda design.

Using the panda face design on the spoon is very smart when marketing products to Sichuan consumers because they adore the animal. They love them so much that the animals figure is excessively used in Chengdu and throughout Sichuan province on products, advertising and even Taxi cabs!

Chinese consumers in Chengdu are immediately drawn to any kind of product with a panda design or that resembles a panda. Pandas come from the Province of Sichuan in China, it is the local mascot.

The brand Sanxiao is planning to stand out form the rest of their competitors at the point of sale by being the only tooth brush company to offer a free gift to their consumers. Chinese consumers like world wide consumers love to receive free gifts! The panda spoon gift could prove to be a strong marketing effort for the company to differentiate themselves from their competitors and increase their market share.

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