Nescafe is using a promotional gift with their “Gold” Instant Coffee blend. This promotional set is sold as a case with two 500g instant coffee jars and two Nescafe coffee mugs. By using promotional packaging and gifts Nescafe is pushing hard to differentiate themselves from other coffee brands. This product was seen in a local Chinese supermarket chain store in Chengdu, Southwest China.

Nescafe Instant Coffee Promotional Packaging

Chinese consumers will be attracted to products packaged in such a elaborate fashion including gifts. The product will appear in their eye as a premium product over other comparable brands. By using such high end packaging the “Gold” instant coffee brand will appear as a more expensive product compared to their competitors on the same shelf. Chinese consumers are not drinking as much coffee when compared to consumption levels of Western countries, there is thus a large market for a new market. Nescafe is using a gift of two coffee cups in this promotion as a way to entice consumers to try a new product. Since this product was seen in a local Chinese supermarket chain in Chengdu this product was oriented in order to attract potential coffee drinkers.

Offering a gift that is complementary to the product is always a great way for the company to being used for an indefinite amount of time. It is important to design coffee mugs or similar gifts with attractive design and brand names in order for the consumers to continually use this mug over another one. Mugs are highly customizable in shape, size, they offer plenty of design space. They are great gifts to think of for the coming winter months when hot winter drinks are most popular.

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