The king of coffee, Nescafé, comes again with another on-pack promo gift. Nescafé is a popular coffee brand worldwide and they are well known to offer numerous on-pack promotions, especially in Asia. Nescafé has been celebrating 75 years in business by offering different types of decorative limited edition mugs to their various markets. The Chinese celebratory promotion can be found nationwide with this particular example found in Walmart.

With every purchase of a 45 pack of ready mix coffee sachets, you will receive a limited edition mug in the classic Nescafé colours of bright red with white lettering. Nescafé adds an authentic Chinese twist to the mug design by adding a beautiful depiction of the Great Wall of China that sprawls across the mug and looks fantastic.

Nescafe Promo Gift Mug

Nescafe Promo Gift Mug

How an On-Pack Promo Gift works for Brands

On pack promotions found in supermarkets offer an incentive to customers to purchase a product. This often encourages them to purchase a larger amount than the usual standard in return for an on-pack item. The beauty of the on-pack promo is that it is used almost every time with the product it comes with. The product offers a marketing platform for the brand. Through use of the product, the product name is exposed to an audience. Brand relationship is also strengthened through use of the product.  Limited edition and anniversary editions also work great as it is a way of celebrating the success of the company with its consumers. When reaching for a coffee mug, this anniversary edition mug is sure to be first choice.

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