Need a mug to drink your coffee? Come on down to the supermarket in Singapore to grab this on pack promo offered by Nescafé! They are now offering ceramic mugs as promotional gifts to consumers. Hurry up and make your purchase before these on pack gifts run out of stock!

Take a look at the on pack promo offered by Nescafé on the shelf in the supermarket:

Nescafé Offers Custom Ceramic Mug On Pack Promo!

Nescafé Offers Custom Ceramic Mug On Pack Promo!

Nescafé has been actively offering on pack promotions for their consumers in the past. Check out some of the promotions done by them previously in Singapore and other countries as well:

On Pack Promo Help Boost Sales

Consumers are attracted to freebies and Nescafé is now offering such promotional gifts to help attract more sales. Offering free ceramic mugs would be able to attract people to purchase from Nescafé in order to be entitled to the gift.

Furthermore, these mugs are useful and practical whereby consumers can use the mugs for their Nescafé drink. Bear in mind to offer useful gifts in order to be able to encourage purchases. These useful promotional gifts would be able to act as an incentive to boost sales for Nescafé.

Benefits of offering variety designs

Offering promotional gifts in a variety of designs would help boost sales even greater. Consumers may be tempted to collect all the different designs of mugs and thus, spend even more on the on pack promo. This is especially prominent if the on pack promo gifts are perceived highly by consumers.


Branding is vital in increasing brand awareness for your company, which would help boost sales in the long run. When consumers use these Nescafé branded ceramic mugs, other people would be able to notice the brand name. Be it at home or outside, these mugs could jolly well help act as a free walking advertisement for Nescafé. In the long run, brand loyalty and recall may even be built.

Therefore, remember to brand your promotional gifts before giving them out to your consumers!