Nescafe has been driving sales in the market with many Gift with Purchase Promos and On Pack Promos. Promotional products such as Mugs, Thumblers, Cups, Saucer Sets are often used. Here in Singapore, we spotted a slightly different On Pack Gift being offered. Every pack comes with a Silicon Cup instead of the common plastic/ceramic material used in most promotional gifts.

Nescafe On Pack Promos

This is  heat resistant & easy to clean whilst another advantage is the cover to keep drinks warm.  These features provide great utility for target customers of Nescafe, allowing them to carry their coffee everywhere at ease. Perfect for outdoor activities and even on the go. The use of silicon also increases the perceived value of this merchandise, encouraging consumer purchase.

The product also gives the advantage of advertising & marketing for Nescafe as it’s logo is also printed, allowing consumers who may often use this cup to be reminded of their brand. It can also be used to store other hot beverages and encourages consumers to keep a lookout for more Nescafe Promos and potentially purchase due to the very conventional giveaways.

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