Since classes are starting soon, we are seeing many back to school promotion at supermarkets. Case in point- this on-pack offer from Alfonso’s Chocolate Champorado. They are offering free pencils and sharpeners to their customers as an on-pack offer for kids.

When it comes to promotional breakfast products, we often get related items such as a bowl, spoon, and even tumbler. However, this on-pack promotion is rather different because we rarely see stationery items or school supplies being offered as a marketing gift.

Back to School Promotion

Back to School Promotion

How to obtain the freebies? Buy a set of three cups of instant champorado mix and customers will get a back to school promotion gift: Mongol pencil and a sharpener. For those not in the know, “champorado” is chocolate-flavored rice porridge usually eaten at breakfast.

Since we rarely see pencils and sharpeners being offered as promotional gifts, we can say that it made a very remarkable promotional campaign. Here’s why:


Why this Back to School Promotion is a Hit

Novelty: When we saw this, we noticed that the shop has already sold a significant number of instant champorado cups. This only shows that the uniqueness of the in-pack gift moves customers to buy them.

Practical Value: Shoppers appreciate a useful, practical gift that can improve the quality of their life. In this example, it is the practical value of the gifts that encourage people to buy the main item because they know they will be rewarded with another useful item at no additional cost.

Relevant: Although schools are not opening yet, the freebies serve as a reminder to customers that despite the recent COVID 19 situation, learning should not stop.

Back to School Promotion

Back to School Promotion

What we like about back to school promotions is that it is very easy to implement. Its no-frills marketing strategy is not only cost-efficient but remarkable as well. So, if you are thinking of having a back to school promotion, we share some easy tips to make it a success!


Tips on How to Pull Off a Successful Back to School Promotion

  • Make Use of a Back to School in-store display: Highlight your promotions by having a POS display dedicated to your products. This in-store marketing display by BIC is a great example. Here, BIC used a cardboard POS display to showcase their pens. Its bespoke shape turns heads. Furthermore, it is located where there is high foot traffic.


  • Consider Your Market –  The target demographic is an important consideration when planning a back to school promotion. Defining your target market will help you keep the products targeted and age-appropriate.


  • Delivery Mechanism- Identifying what your customers need will help you in designing the right delivery mechanism for promotional products. On-pack promotions and gift with purchase marketing are just two of the popular mechanisms merchandisers use in their campaigns. Choose the one that will bring you more revenue and value.


  • Make it Simple: Are there certain mechanics to obtain the gifts? If so, make the directions clear and easy to understand. Long winding texts might bore your customers. They might even lose interest if they find the mechanics too complex or hard to fulfill.


  • Offer Discounts: Discounts are a surefire way to pique the interest of customers. The prospect of saving more makes them feel they are getting more value for their money. Therefore, this is a win-win for both customers and companies.


  • Offer Loyalty Programs: Build a solid market base with loyalty programs. Stores may want to offer membership cards wherein shoppers can store points and in return use those points to redeem back to school promotional items. You may even combine the convenience of a membership card with the functionality of a USB flash drive. Here is an excellent example:


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