Delivery mechanism is a key deciding factor on which product to give away as a promotional gift to clients.   You need to match the product, the budget and the delivery mechanism as each aspect of planning a promotional campaign need to work well together to make it a success.   Here we see our mascot firing logo gifts with a catapult.  With this method, for example, it is important to have a soft, light weight product that is not too fragile.

Think about places where your target audience will be and what sort of gift you might want them to get from your company.   What is the message you want to get accross about your company and what is the reasoning and theme behind your campaign?

Here are some popular techniques for distribution / delivery of promotional products:

  • Giveaways in the street by people
  • Mascot giving freebies
  • Promotional products you can take away
  • On pack Promotion
  • In pack Promotion
  • Mail In Rebate or Coupon
  • Promotional Mail / Direct Mail promos
  • Event goodie bags
  • Games to win promotional items
  • Launching promos with catapults

Giveaways in the streets Employ people during the morning rush hour where people are scurrying to work.   Even, in the midst of an adrenaline rush, the grab-and-go mindset still retains.  A small gift and reading material can be quite good as people become captive audiences in mass transit. Pigsback gave away millions of stress toy pigs in this way.

Mascot Attention-grabbing mascots that give away freebies while patrolling around major events like sports stadium, parades, concerts etc..  Mascots can also be placed nearby retail outlets to encourage instant purchase.

Promotional products you can take away Printed logo pens in banks, hotels, insurance companies, etc… Ever borrow a pen from someone and recognize familiar brand on it such as a big hotel?   Immediately you will recall the last time you had a memorable dinner in these hotels, and probably even reminisce about the past. A simple act and a long chain of thought follows. ODM have some clients in the drinks business who specifically design bar items which can be “removed”.    Once removed, the promotional gifts are valued and serve as great advertising with the company logo always strongly displayed.

On pack Promotion Walk down the aisle of any supermarket or departmental store and you will see a number of Gift with Purchase promotions.  Product packages come with a supplementary item and often these take on a festive or promotional seasonal theme.  Check out all the on pack promos we have tagged.

In pack Promotion Similar to the above, but here clients do not see the product as well.   The packaging of the product needs to tell the story of the product which is not as clearly visible as an on-pack promo.  We like this Nestle Sponge Bob promotion and Nestle Batman promo.

Mail in Rebate or Coupon Both of these are covered in our blog on MIR and IRC.  These can be used in direct mail or on packaging at retilers. Loyalty stamps promotional campaigns are another option to consider under this mechanism.

Promotional Mail / Direct Mail promos If your target audience are too dispersed then mail them!   Mailing is definitely an easy way to disseminate products to reach large segment of the population.  Direct mail might deliver the promotional product to the door and is often the case with existing client.   Due to size constraints and costs many companies will opt for a special Mail in Rebate system.  Many magazines offer gift with subscription promotions – eg. if you subscribe to a magazine you get a free bag.

Event goodie bags These are great gifts for your clients who visit a showroom, exhibit, conference or other event like tradeshow.    The clients are already there and usually met by staff.  The reason for giving away these gifts is to show appreciation and to help clients differentiate your service from competition.   The goodie bags usually include a few different promotional gifts and literature.   When opting to gift multiple gifts it is important that all the colours match with the branding of the company and that production is according to pantone.  In order to save costs it is best to order from one supplier and consolidate the shipment

Games to win promotional products There are various platforms and types of games that can be organized such as online game, event games, etc… When prizes are included in these games, the level of appeal and popularity to the game will increase as players pit their skills to challenge one another.   At the upcoming HKTDC trade shows we expect them to use a lucky draw with a spinning wheel to give away standard Hong Kong TDC Promos such as luggage tags, coasters etc.. as well as vouchers for coffee and other treats.   The lucky draw scope of audience is the largest as it accommodates the general market – people of all different age groups are able to participate in it.In order to tie all the promotional campaign together ODM can help companies to design and develop POS or other displays for these promotions.

Events Giveaways Toss promotional products such as shirts, plush toys, etc.. from higher altitude and bring up the atmosphere as people try to be the one to catch these.   Some concerts or events even have special devices to launch promotional products into the crowd.  These can be traditional catapult or air gun to shoot prizes far.  Performers are used to leverage the brand.  Some may even autograph the products (adding-value) before giving sending them out..

In summary, there are almost infinite promotional mechanisms that can be easily be used to promote your brand and message.   ODM works with clients to maximise their marketing budget combining the most appropriate mechanisms with the best products.