We absolutely love these custom hats with logo as the quirky designs will no doubt pique the interests of your target market. What’s more, they are accredited by Coca Cola.

There is so much you can get from custom hats with logo because they have high perceived value. Therefore, they will certainly be of use to your customers, gaining you unlimited daily brand exposure.

Here’s why we recommend having custom hats with logo for your brand campaign.


Why Invest in Custom Hats with Logo?

  • Showcase Brand Name – Plain ones would be great for showcasing brand logo. Embroidering designs on each of the caps would certainly make your brand stand out. Each part can be customized to your preferred color. You may opt for solid color but you may also want your visor a different color to make your designs pop.
Custom Hats with Logo

Custom Hats with Logo

  • Differentiate Your Company –  Aside from simple, plain caps, we also have quirky hats with animal and character figurine. Fun to look at and are exceptionally unique, kids will surely love the animal caps. Aside from deer, you may also have dinosaurs, frogs, and other quirky designs you can think of.
  • Get More Eyeball – Hats and caps with logo serve as a unique walking billboard for your company. With your logo on the caps, we guarantee that you will be able to command attention in the streets.
Custom Hats with Logo

Custom Hats with Logo

  • Guaranteed High-Quality – Made from cotton, customers will find these caps comfortable to use. They are made in a Sedex 4-Pillar accredited factory and is audited by Coca-Cola you can be sure that our promotional caps are made with utmost quality. This means our factory is compliant with international quality standards.
Custom Hats with Logo

Custom Hats with Logo


There are many ways to use a custom hat with logo for brand campaigns. Here are ways to get the most out of your promotional caps:

  • Sports Promotions – Make your team stand out in the field with custom caps. You may also give them away as part of your in-store promotions to remind customers of your upcoming sporting event.
Custom Hats with Logo

Custom Hats with Logo

  • Sponsorship – Major sports events such as FIFA World Cup and Olympics offer a great opportunity for beverage companies to promote their brand. Why not take advantage of these major sports events by creating branded caps with your logo and the name of your team on the caps to further increase your brand visibility? Furthermore, they will allow your brand to be remembered even after the event.
  • Trade Shows – Wearable promotional items such as T-shirts, wristbands, and caps will surely improve your credibility as a brand at trade shows. Having your brand ambassadors wear these caps will strengthen brand recognition.
  • Gift with Purchase – Offering these custom hats with logo and quirky design will surely entice people to make the purchase. The interesting little details on the caps will get you more eyeball on the shelf.


So, if you are keen to custom design your own custom hats with logo, feel free to get in touch with us. The ODM Group has an extensive experience in design and manufacturing of custom promotional products. Quote product code 1828 for more information about customization and pricing.


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