While were at Canton Fair this year, we saw this customized tents which were advertised in a fresh and smart way due to the size restriction. The tents were made in miniature models to showcase how they would look, just in a bigger size. These tents are good for music festivals, or a weekend away for a camping trip. Other custom promotional products for camping include branded cooler boxes, custom design backpacks branded stainless steel bottles, camping chairs, bottle lanterns and custom printed cooling towels for when it’s warm or partaking in exercise.

Customized Tents

Customized Tents

Here are some perks for investing in customized tents:

  • Utility: Tents are popular products as they are considered homes at events and weekends away. They are of high use and a necessity when camping. This makes it a great promotional product and also has a large client base.
  • Quality: These tents are of high quality and value due to the demand of camping items. This is perfect for outdoor and sports companies to encourage their customers to enjoy some time away for a break. The functionality of the product will give a positive brand association.
  • Brand Awareness: Due to the customized tent being an outdoor item, the brand name will be advertised to increase brand recognition and recall. The tents can be made in any size and be customized for any added designs to display the brand’s logo on a number of available surfaces.
Customized Tents

Customized Tents

Outdoor marketing is always a great way to draw attention in, especially since customized tents will be used for convenience and personal trips. Companies should create promotional products which represent their brands. So, if your brand is sporty or outdoorsy then this is perfect for you!

Will your customers use customized tents? What type of design or colour represents your brand? What extra features would you like to add?

At ODM, we create high quality promotional merchandise for our clients to suit their needs and customers. Our in-house design team Mindsparkz can help create innovative designs. The product code for the customized tents is 2780. Please quote this code when contacting our China or Vietnam office.


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