When it comes to packaging design, functionality and beauty should be your top considerations. That is what we realized when we found this customized chocolate packaging for Guylian chocolate.

Guylian is currently offering a “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” promotion in Vietnam. We absolutely love the promotion as well as the packaging that comes with it.

Customized Chocolate Packaging

Customized Chocolate Packaging

Guylian is one of the top-ten best-selling boxed chocolate brands. Their chocolates are sold in over 120 countries around the globe. As a leading brand, you can see that even the tiniest details of their packaging are well-designed.

As you can see, the products are inside a transparent bag which is really stylish and unique. The top part is branded with an embroidered logo. The red piping, on the other hand, created an interesting contrast that catches the attention of passersby. But what really stood out to us is the immense advertising potential of this packaging idea. Below, we explain why this is a great idea.

Customized Chocolate Packaging

Customized Chocolate Packaging


Why Guylian’s Customized Chocolate Packaging Works

Transparency– Made from plastic, the transparency of the packaging lends a chic look to the product. Aside from aesthetics, the transparency of the packaging gives customers a chance to see what is inside the pack.

Customized Chocolate Packaging

Customized Chocolate Packaging

Simplicity is Key– Simple packaging also means saving material and cutting back on production cost, allowing designers to focus on functionality and aesthetics. Guylian did all that! They were able to make the most out of their marketing budget by focusing more on quality materials and functionality of the packaging.

Send Clear Message– Simple packaging allows the brand to send their sweet marketing message easily. The no-frills approach to marketing chocolates is what made their message more impactful.

Add Extra Layer of Protection– Being made of plastic, Guylian’s custom chocolate packaging is waterproof and dust-resistant. It adds an extra layer of protection for the products.

Make it Gift-Ready– People have short attention spans. As such, it is really important to catch their attention as soon as they step inside your store. Some are too busy to even check the aisles one by one. By having a gift-ready product, Guylian is making their brand relevant.

Consider Reusability– As plastic is sturdier than cardboard, the packaging will surely last even after the contents have been consumed. Therefore, the packaging can be reused. Customers can use them as a cosmetic bag or for keeping art materials and other trinkets at home.


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