Getting noticed in a sea of products may seem like an impossible feat for some brands. But Ferrero Rocher just proved that a well-designed packaging will set your brand apart. Their cardboard packaging design is extraordinary!

This new promotional packaging from Ferrero is hard to miss. Their sparkly, golden heart-shaped custom chocolate packaging definitely stood out. Furthermore, the use of a POS counter display framed the products very well.

3 Marketing Advantage On Ferrero's Cardboard Packaging Design

3 Marketing Advantages Of Cardboard Packaging Design

What we Love about This Cardboard Packaging Design

The Design: We can confidently say that the product designers behind Ferrero’s packaging concept are brilliant. The team was able to showcase the brand’s luxurious and premium product through its star-shaped design. Moreover, the exquisite palette choices of gold and white greatly enhance the brand’s logo. In fact, when we entered the store, these tiny chocolate stars immediately caught out attention.

The Material: Ferrero Rocher uses high-grade cardboard to perfectly encase their delicious chocolates. The cardboard is not too thin nor too thick. It is thick and strong enough to hold the product in place. Also, the brand attached a golden lace on the tip of the star which is strong enough to carry the load when hung. Furthermore, the lace serves as an added accent to complete the whole premium ensemble.

If you would like to see a stronger version of a cardboard packaging, please feel free to check the link below

Marketing Advantage of Ferrero’s Cardboard Packaging Design

  • Cost-effective and Sustainable – cardboard packaging is probably one of the least expensive packaging materials available. They don’t require high manufacturing costs or costly tools to manufacture because the material is easy to source. Apart from that, cardboard is fairly easy to recycle which is important because it helps address our plastic pollution problem. If you would like to see another type of packaging that is eco-friendly, please check out our bamboo packs below.
  • Extremely Customisable – Packaging manufacturers love to use cardboard as packaging because it is highly customisable. Just like your standard paper, cardboard can absorb different coatings, treatments, and printing perfectlyy. In fact, coatings and bright colours are pretty evident in Ferrero’s packaging.
  • Protect The Product – As mentioned, cardboard provides a stable cushion for any product, keeping items safe during handling and display. Depending on the gravity of protection that is needed by the product, cardboard design varies in sizes and thickness. Overall, cardboard is a cost-effective custom retail packaging for your products.

In conclusion, a good cardboard packaging design depends on various factors, including appearance, functionality, and relevance.  So, if you would like to get an expert opinion on packaging designs, please feel free to contact our design team, Mindsparkz, anytime. You can rely on us for all your product and brand packaging design needs.


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Since children Kinder Joy’s product, Ferrero has made sure to make their POS display appealing to them. The POS display ensures that kids would easily see their products and toys.

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