It is common to buy gifts for our loved ones when travelling. As chocolates are a common gift, we feel more brands should make use of custom packaging to reinforce branding. Here’s how Lindt implemented their custom chocolate packaging, and why you should too!

Custom Chocolate Packaging

Custom Chocolate Packaging

Why We Love Lindt’s Promotion

We feel that there are two driving factors as to why we adore this promotion. Placement and Packaging.

  • Placement – Lindt has placed this promotion at the airport to strategically to sweep up any last minute gift-seeking customers. As chocolate is a widely accepted convenient good, customers who are waiting for their flight might even be inclined to make an impulse buy. Maybe to increase visibility, Lindt could have used a POS Display.
  • Packaging – As this promotion is held at an airport, Lindt has made use of the airport theme to make themed packaging. The use of a luggage design as confectionery packaging helps it stand out from the other plain cardboard packaging. Made out of metal, the tin is also highly reusable thus with more people reusing it, the brand awareness increases.

    Custom Chocolate Packaging

    Custom Chocolate Packaging

Why Custom Chocolate Packaging

1. Highly Customisable

Similar to other products, not just chocolate, product packaging is also another highly customisable aspect of promotions. Custom chocolate packaging creates the first impression of the product and can determine if the customers choose to make the purchase or not. Interesting and attractive packaging can make a big impact in terms of brand exposure as well as sales. Customers might even buy the product just to keep the packaging.

Lindt has opted for a metal tin for their custom chocolate packaging. The use of custom chocolate tins not only increases its reusability but is also more efficient and environmentally friendly. Metal can be easily melted to be places into new moulds to create new products. Other various forms of environmentally friendly packaging, include the use of cardboard and wood packaging.


Here is how the Glenrothes made use of wood packaging to promote their brand


2. Brand Identification

Having a custom chocolate packaging not only allows you to input your own message but also helps you stand out from your competitors. Besides slapping on your brand, the use of unique materials and designs can also attract massive attention. The use of durable materials also allows for customers to reuse the packaging for other functions, which increases awareness.


Why Custom Chocolate Gifts?

Universally Loved

So why do we love chocolate? Well, there are two reasons why.

The first part being the release of neurotransmitters. With more than 300 natural chemicals in a bar of chocolate, chemicals such as Endorphin and  Serotonin affect the brain by releasing neurotransmitters. These molecules travel via neurons to transmit signals that give us a positive effect on our feelings.

The second part being the sugar and fat content chocolate has. As much as sugar content in chocolate can vary from 35% to 70%, we humans are somehow hardwired to love sugar. With sugar enhancing the taste of food, and fat making food feel good, chocolate strikes the perfect balance of both these elements. Alongside its iconic ‘chocolately’ taste, chocolate is truly a one of a kind product and that’s why consumers love it so much.

With this said, brands should leverage on the perks chocolate provides to build good customer relationships. If customers relate feeling good to a brand, they will frequent the brand more. With chocolate also deemed as a romantic gift, Brands can leverage on observance days such as Valentine Day and even Singles Days to give out custom chocolate gifts. Brands can also make use of the likeness of chocolate, instead of actual chocolate, to promote a good image. Here’s an example of a Chocolate Shaped USB.

Customisable Designs

Chocolate is Highly Customisable. Not only are there different types of chocolates, but chocolates can also come in different patterns, shapes, and sizes. As chocolate must be mould from its liquid form before it can be eaten, the customisation options are endless! This is especially good as not only can brands easily “emboss” or “deboss” their logos on chocolates, but can also model the chocolate after their logos! Customers are sure to appreciate creative and quirky designs, and customers will be enticed to buy them back as gifts, further enhancing brand awareness.

To prove that the sky is the limit here’s an example of a marketing gift, a Chocolate Puzzle.



How Can ODM Help

Looking for Custom Retail Packaging for your products to boost sales? Fortunately, the ODM team can help you come up with inventive and unique product design and packaging. We have product designers who have vast experience in designing brand packaging for your business. We also provide product brainstorming sessions and quality control services. Contact our team today to learn more about how we can help you grow your business through the use of effective promotional products!


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