Munz captures people’s attention with its custom chocolate tins with fun designs that actually have a hidden meaning behind it. The Maestrani family have been producing chocolate for the past 150 years. What better way to do In-Store Marketing than with custom chocolate tins? These promotional product packaging are loved by young and old buyers because of its charming figures. The designs they have include a horseshoe, a ladybird, and a clown fish.


What makes us love Munz’s custom chocolate tins?

  • Winged container – What is there not to love about this product? The ladybird’s wings are foldable and when opened, it reveals the individually packaged chocolates. This packaging will surely attract parents and children. This way, it enhances your brand image and increase your sales!
  • Meaningful packaging – According to Interflora, a flower delivery network, the ladybird is a symbol of luck. This is because they eat pests in the garden and agricultural crops, hence farmers believed they are a gift from the Virgin Mary. The horseshoe also symbolises luck. This may persuade customers of all ages to purchase as it can be given as a gift on so many occasions, such as wishing someone good luck for their exams or a birthday.
  • Visually appealing – the custom chocolate tins are bright and truly eye-catching. It appeals to all ages, especially to children. This means that you will be able to increase your long-term profitability with their pester power. Want some proof? In 2015, an additional of almost £5,000 was spend by British parents due to pester power according to Quidco, a cashback website.
Fun And Meaningful Custom Chocolate Tins That Attract Customers By Munz

Fun And Meaningful Custom Chocolate Tins That Attract Customers By Munz


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