We love this Bespoke Food Packaging Design found in a UK Starbuys store. We are really inspired with their choice of brand packaging design, which is both sophisticated and timeless. With a picnic feel to it, we think this is the perfect summer item.

For such a low cost extra, the customer really feel like they are getting something more with this interesting use of food packaging solutions.



Bespoke Food Packaging Design

Bespoke Food Packaging Design

Inside are three different condiments: Pineapple & Mango Jam, Tomato & Chilli Jam and Jalapeno & Chilli Jam. The woven look and large handles uphold the rustic feel. We particularly like the plastic ‘windows’ used here to further visually promote the brand. This is a great of example of tailoring to your product needs and designing custom shaped bags.


Bespoke Food Packaging Design

Bespoke Food Packaging Design


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Why we love this Bespoke Food Packaging Design:

  • Stand Out Design: This design is both visually appealing and the packaging stands out on a shop shelf.  With on-pack gift sets like this, the focus is on their beautiful condiment set, motivating buyers to purchase their product.


  • Reusable: We like anything that promises to be reusable. This condiments bag can certainly be reused which adds to its appeal. Furthermore, this will make the customer more likely to buy the product as it is something they can reuse. This makes them think they are getting something more for their money.


  • Boost Sales: Because this comes in a pack of 3 people may actually end up buying more than they need. Even though the customer may not intend on buying all 3 condiments, with this bespoke food packaging design they are much more likely to spend a bit more knowing they are receiving something in return.


  • Practical: if taking these condiments as a gift or extra to a summer barbecue or picnic the bag helps to keep them in place during travel. The design is both visually appealing and practical.



Bespoke Food Packaging Design

Bespoke Food Packaging Design


Would a bespoke food packaging design boost your business? If so, please get in touch with a member of the ODM Group today! We will be more than happy to help you develop unique promotional products and gifts as well as powerful branding and packaging solutions for your company.

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