Recently, we came across this news by Johnnie Walker. They announced that they will be launching paper bottles for their Whisky, in Spring 2021. The paper pulp is 100% plastic-free and is recyclable. We think that this is an amazing effort by the brand to promote sustainability. Plastic is very harmful to the environment, hence, compostable paper packaging is great as a new alternative to replace them.

Paper Pulp Packaging

Paper Pulp Packaging (Image Source: Diageo)

Why We Love Johnnie Walker’s Paper Pulp Packaging

Environmentally Sound

Their bottles are made of made from sustainably sourced pulp and is completely recyclable.

In addition, the manufacturing process of such products is clean as the inputs and outputs are only water, and the finished paper pulp product. Hence, there will be no water pollution.

Paper Pulp Packaging

Paper Pulp Packaging (Image Source: Diageo)

Lastly, the paper is highly biodegradable and decomposes faster than glass and plastic. Overall, this will minimize the environmental footprint of packaging.

Boost Brand Image

Implementing green efforts in the company operations gives customers the impression that they are socially responsible. Johnnie Walker was able to gain recognition from many people and environmental groups. This also attracts customers who are environmentally-conscious.

Paper Pulp Packaging

Paper Pulp Packaging (Image Source: Diageo)

In addition, the whiskey industry is highly competitive. Thus, implementing such liquor packaging design in their promotions will allow Johnnie Walker to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Potentially, the can also inspire other brands to do the same.


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They were able to entice customers by offering drinks gift sets.

During the Singapore GP in 2017, they were offering umbrellas as a gift with purchase. Definitely came in handy during the wet weather!

Using Paper Pulp Packaging for Your Brand

Johnnie Walker is a great example for brands to follow. We can potentially see more brands using paper pulp packaging. However, a doubt you and many other people have is that “Won’t the paper bottle packaging get wet and be damaged easily?”

The answer to that is “No”. Actually, there are 2 types of quality for paper pulp packaging – normal density quality and high-density quality. In this case, Johnnie Walker paper bottles are made of high-density paper pulp.

High-density paper pulp is great for food packaging. Normally, you see normal-density quality paper use as egg trays and electronics packaging.

Paper Pulp Packaging

Paper Pulp Packaging

What is the difference?


The type of pulp used for high-density quality is sugarcane, bamboo, wheat, or reed pulp. Whereas for normal-density quality, it mainly uses recycled corrugated paper, sometimes sugarcane, bamboo pulp or reed.

Manufacturing Process

The main difference in the manufacturing process is that high-density paper undergoes wet-pressing and for normal-density paper undergoes dry pressing.

  • Wet Press Process – The product is transferred to the hot press machine and dried in a mold. It is kept in a stainless steel mesh, which is flexible and breathable, allowing it to dry. It is able to achieve the right and accurate shape. Afterward, it undergoes the cutting treatment so that the edges are smooth and tidy
Paper Pulp Packaging

Paper Pulp Packaging

  • Dry Press Process – The product is air-dried naturally or in an oven.  Then, it is heat pressed in a mold.


There is a distinct difference in appearance. The high-density paper has a very smooth surface while the normal-density paper is rough. High-density paper is also harder than normal-density paper.

Paper Pulp Packaging

Paper Pulp Packaging

Why You Should Have Paper Pulp Packaging too


It is low-cost to recycle paper pulp and manufacture products. Molding cost is affordable when you are manufacturing at a high quantity. Overall, a cost-effective process.


Paper Pulp Packaging is used for many purposes such as for food, cosmetics, or garments. It is moldable and can be made into various products such as food containers, bottles, trays, coasters, vase, and even toys.

Paper Pulp Packaging

Paper Pulp Packaging

High-density paper pulp is strong and will not damage quickly. Furthermore, they are waterproof and oilproof, hence why it is suitable for food.


You can brand your custom products through embossing.


Our Takeaways

We absolutely love Johnnie Walker’s paper bottle packaging as it is ingenious and will capture the attention of many. Brands should follow them to be sustainable and implement eco-friendly methods in their operations, and boost their brand image in the long run.

Furthermore, paper pulp packaging is a great alternative to replace plastic. High-quality density paper is strong, durable, waterproof, and environmentally-friendly. Why not use them in your brand packaging as an effort to preserve the environment.


How ODM can help

Inspired by Johnnie Walker’s paper pulp packaging and want to use the paper pulp in your products? ODM can help you with just that!  Our company specialises in manufacturing custom promotional merchandise and product packaging.

We have experience in doing 3D CAD and mould development which is essential in manufacturing these kinds of packaging. Our talented designers can help you design custom one-of-a-kind products through the use of 3D Computer-aided-design. This helps to facilitate the moulding work.

Other than that, we also offer other services such as factory selection and auditing, quality control, logistics and shipping, and product deck creation. Do not hesitate to contact us.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the disadvantage of using paper pulp packaging?

Paper pulp loses its quality and thus cannot be recycled indefinitely, as it requires the addition of virgin pulp. To produce good quality paper and packaging, they will take up a considerable amount of time, processing and additives to develop.

Are there any limits to the designs using paper pulp packaging?

No, paper pulp can be designed to suit the client's needs with deep cavities and even complex geometry to protect the product's most fragile area. It will entirely be up to your imagination for designs.

Where has paper pulp packaging been mostly used?

The use of paper pulp packaging has increased over the years as a cost-effective choice for moderate to high volume products. You can see them being used in numerous consumer goods, automotive, medical, etc.