Compostable Plastic Packaging: A Smart Choice for FMCG Marketing

The FMCG industry covers a lot of essential household items that consumers need to buy from time to time. And if your business thrives under this industry, you know well how important the right packaging is for FMCG marketing. Today, we will introduce this sustainable packaging concept to you that we have come across from our promotional packaging ideas. Let’s talk about compostable plastic packaging and what makes it a smart choice for your business.



Compostable Plastic Packaging: Clingy and Eco-Friendly

Compostable PLA cling wraps are plant-based packaging solutions that could be an alternative to food-grade plastic films. The materials’ outstanding properties promise a 100% biodegradable packaging that is safe to use for food preservation and a wide array of applications in other industries.

Polylactic Acid, most commonly known as PLA, is a polymer made from renewable resources. In sharp contrast to petroleum-based plastics, which are made from natural gas and are not biodegradable. This biodegradable PLA cling wrap is derived from fermented sugars of corn starch, making it a less impactful material for the environment.

On top of that, this plastic packaging can be fully degraded into H2O and COin industrial composting facilities within 180 days with its outstanding properties. It is fully renewable, and it can be converted back to monomer and polymer, or it can be biodegraded into water, carbon dioxide, and organic materials.



What Makes It A Smart Choice for My Business?

The market is growing more environmentally conscious these days, and in line with this, many FMCG companies aim for 100% recyclable plastic packaging by 2025. Now that you have learned about this biodegradable PLA cling wrap, you might be wondering what makes it a smart choice for your business.

Well, other than being a compostable alternative, this biodegradable cling wrap brings with it a list of other benefits.


  • It Reflects Your Company’s Values —

Consumers certainly want companies to reflect their values. As their interest in green marketing grows, people are most likely to do business with brands that manifest eco-friendly practices. Earn their trust and remain top of mind by showing them that your company is living with sustainable pledges.


  • Free of  Toxins and Allergens —

Being an eco-friendly packaging solution, this compostable PLA cling wrap is totally non-toxic and allergy-free. With its plant-based raw materials, it is definitely safe to use with food packaging and other FMCG products. Furthermore, the heat used in deriving the starch from corn destroys the immunologically reactive profilin. Profilin is the chemical that usually causes an allergic reaction and is not found in PLA products.




  • Lower Production Cost —

The production of biodegradable packaging can reduce water usage, labor, electricity, and emissions. Being beneficial for the environment, it also lowers the expenses associated with the packaging process. Consequently, it will help your business reduce packaging costs from time to time, and you can allocate your budget to other projects.


  • Drive Toward Sustainability —

As an FMCG business, you should set your environmental goals as well. Choosing this biodegradable PLA plastic packaging can be a simple step toward sustainability. As sustainable branding is more notable in today’s market, biodegradable packaging extends an opportunity for growth.


Why Should the FMCG Industry Consider this Packaging?

From packaged food, toiletries, beverages, stationery, over-the-counter medicines, cleaning and laundry products, plastic goods, and personal care products— this compostable cling wrap is undeniably a great choice for securing and maintaining the quality of fast-moving consumer goods.

Moreover, it can be used in various applications such as home, commercial, and industrial utilization. It comes in different sizes according to your requirement and is convenient to use. PLA plastic packaging is acknowledged as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration.

Our company is committed to providing the best-customized biodegradable solution to all businesses in different industries. Thus, we made sure that this biodegradable PLA cling wrap is at its highest quality and function. When evaluating the benefits listed above, you should feel confident in your decision to adopt this biodegradable packaging.



In one of our previous blogs, we have featured Compostable Paper Packaging. Another product packaging idea for the FMCG industry, it certainly has a fair share of benefits that you can enjoy and offer to your customers. Learn how you can maximize brand exposure with these environmentally-friendly branded shopping bags by checking this insightful blog.


Looking Toward the Future,

If you are interested in sourcing new promotional packaging solutions, get in touch with our team. Let’s wrap the freshness and save the Earth with this biodegradable PLA cling wrap! Don’t forget to quote the product code ODM-3559 when contacting our team and get this compostable plastic packaging for your FMCG brand today. We will always be more than happy to assist you with all things promotional!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What are the storage requirements for PLA?

PLA must be kept out of direct sunlight and in a cool, dry location. Keep the PLA products under the temperature of 110 degrees (F) and below 90% humidity at all times.

How should I handle PLA products during transportation?

Keep PLA products in cool, dry spaces with the temperature never exceeding 110 degrees (F). Although not required, a refrigerated truck is highly recommended in transporting PLA products.

Can I use PLA products for hot beverages?

Yes, if the beverage temperature does not exceed 110 degrees (F). PLA products perform better when used with cold beverages, although the typical heat tolerance of PLA products is 110 degrees (F). We have a heat-resistant CPLA coffee cup lid to match paper cups which can be used in hot beverages.



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