Check out these beau-TEA-ful product packaging ideas for tea products by Basilur tea. We spotted them during our trip to Sri Lanka. From the packaging itself, we can see that their tea is world class!

Made from tin, these amazing pieces of tea packaging comes in various bespoke shapes such as thick Medieval book, old Ceylon map, and simple canisters with embossed branding.

Sri Lanka is one of the top producers of tea in Asia. And we can see their rich history and culture from their brand packaging straight away. Let us take a look at some of them.

This one looks like a real book at first glance, but it actually is a tea container. The embossed details resemble a Medieval book. It is strikingly beautiful and classy.

Product Packaging Ideas

Product Packaging Ideas

Nothing makes this product feel more authentic than this Old Ceylon island map. The island is embossed on the tin can which makes it even more interesting to touch. On it was printed “Ceylon, the Island of Tea” effectively promoting not only their company but their country as well.

Product Packaging Ideas

Product Packaging Ideas


Each variant of Basilur tea comes in different color container with brand name embossed on the side. The containers are made in the shape of a tea leaf. Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon is among the world’s top producers of tea.

Product Packaging Idea

Product Packaging Idea


Basilur Specialty comes in simple canisters. Because the colors used evoke simplicity and class, they make great gift for professionals.

Product Packaging Ideas

Product Packaging Ideas


Product Packaging Ideas by Basilur Tea Stood – What Stood Out to Us?

Tea is among the most consumed beverage in the world. According to the U.S. tea association, almost 80% of homes have tea in their kitchens. With that said, we can say that there is a fierce competition in the tea industry. And one way to differentiate your brand from the rest is by using a packaging that jumps off shelf like what Basilur did. Here’s why they caught our interest:

1.Bespoke Packaging Design and Shapes

We certainly love the various designs and shapes of Basilur’s custom tin packaging because they are meaningful and definitely head-turning. They look fancy and of high-quality so we were immediately drawn to it. Each design tells their brand story, allowing for finer brand remembrance.

2. Authentic

In a market full of substandard products, people are always on the hunt for authentic products especially when it comes to food and drinks. This is why the old Ceylon map is a great packaging idea. It represents the authentic taste of Ceylon tea that sets them apart from other tea brands.

3. Durability

Made out of tin, the packaging sure is durable. This keeps the products from being crushed from being transported or stacked in boxes.

4. Reusability

Because it is durable customers can still upcycle the containers once they finished the contents. Whenever they buy tea, they may transfer the contents inside the tin box and discard the carton. This way, the products are protected from moisture. They can also be used to keep keys, tickets, receipts, and even pins.

5. Texture

The embossed designs created an interesting texture and visual appeal.

6. Keeps Products Fresh

The tin boxes prevent moisture and dust from coming into contact with the products, thereby preserving the taste and aroma.

7. Gift-Ready

One of the perks of having great packaging is that your product becomes a good gift idea for people looking for perfect presents for special events. Therefore, the custom packaging design improves the perceived value of the product. Sharing the tea means double exposure for the brand!


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