Here are some interesting promotional product ideas for the tea industry.  Given that ODM spend so much time testing the Tea Tool it is only natural that we have grown a range of products around this domain

This innovative mug lid is especially made for the use of tea bags – That’s right, that tea bag will never slip off again! With this holder, one can also easily place the tea bag in and out of the mug.

Tea Bag holder

Tea Bag Holder/Mud Lid

This mug lid is small and light weight, hence, making it a perfect gift for on-pack promo and GWP promotion. The product should of course be branded with logo and in original colours to create brand awareness and recall.  A whole new mould could be made to incorporate a mascot or promo figurine on top.

Next, we have a cool display for tea bags. The use of see through round boxes provides an overview of the tea selection you have.  ODM still make lots of traditional tea boxes, but this is also a good way to keep your tea bags organized. Either as a promotional packaging or as a promotional product, this visible box is definitely appealing!

Tea Holder

Tea Holder

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