Running out of marketing ideas? Why not try this merchandise idea for  your next promotional campaign? Bath & Bliss‘s drink holder is nothing but pure innovation. It easily is the most interesting custom drink holder in the market right now.

Before you start working on your own custom shape inflatable drink holder, let us tell you why this one works. A custom drink holder would make an excellent promo gift during events, festivals, big parties, concerts, and trade show marketing.

These inflatable drink holders are fun and are shaped like a funky flamingo which makes it the perfect summer beer promo item. Now, you don’t have to worry about spills as this drink holder will keep glasses and cans of beer in place. Also, since this is inflatable, feel free to use this whilst swimming.

Aside from the trendy design, this custom drink holder holds a beautiful advantage over typical beer holders. These are completely inflatable thus making them super portable and easy to stow. Customers could easily slip this awesome gift in their bags.

This custom drink holder also has great branding potential. Brands may print their logos on the sides. Practically, when customers use it, they effortlessly promote the brand to just about anyone they meet.

How can a custom drink holder help increase your sales?

  • Trendy yet Practical – Aside from keeping drinks securely in place, this custom drink holder adds a fun twist on its usual look. And when customers use this promotional item, it gets people curious and interested on the product and eventually on the brand itself. Overall, these such drink holder will certainly set your brand apart from the rest.
  • Increase product portfolio – This promo item would make an excellent product as  gifts with purchase, freebies at bar events, drinks events, and even as gifts with on pack promotions. And even better, they would be great items for your summer promotions!
  • Brand exposure. Overall, this item holds plenty of branding opportunities. It floats so great during pool parties and is ideal as a summer item as well. Pair it with an inflatable mattress for beach promotion. Moreover, beverage brands like Coca Cola can use these products for a more exciting campaign. Check this product out:

In conclusion, this drink holder has all the key features for a stand out promotion. So, we highly recommend to get your brand an inflatable custom drink holder for your next marketing campaign.

Contact ODM for design and manufacturing projects. We can custom design your drink holder to your branding needs!

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