Let your customers drink beer anywhere on the go! This inflatable bucket is portable and lightweight making it easy to move around. Whether it’s on the beach, at a pool party, or even indoors, this custom inflatable ice bucket is the ideal product to have when needing a cold beer. It will also be one of the most popular summer promotional products!

Custom Inflatable Ice Bucket

Custom Inflatable Ice Bucket

Perks of a Custom Inflatable Ice Bucket:

  • Reusable – PVC is a strong and durable material which lasts a long time. Since the product is an ice bucket, it will not get damaged as it is waterproof and made to withstand liquid.
  • Lightweight and Portable – The ease of carrying around the inflatable product is an incentive. It can easily be packed after deflating and stored in a bag or box to put away. Even when it is inflated, the bucket will be full of air and can be lifted and moved around without much strength needed.
  • Brand Exposure – Wherever the ice bucket goes, the brand logo will be advertised and ensure brand recognition through exposure once it is used over and over again.
  • Fun item – The custom beer bucket will be used numerous times instead of being stored away and forgotten. Even if in storage, it will be taken out every summer to ensure nice cold drinks making it the perfect custom promotional product.
Custom Inflatable Ice Bucket

Custom Inflatable Ice Bucket

To Sum up…

Does this fun custom inflatable ice bucket fit your brand image? Will your logo suit the product? What design would you pick?

At ODM, we have years experience working with alcoholic beverage companies around the world and can help you create the best product for your brand. We have our in-house design team; Mindsparkz who can help too! The code for this product is 1725. Please quote this number when contacting us if you would like this product. Inflatable Ice buckets are also great GWP ideas to make customers feel appreciated!


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