Check out Unicharm’s GWP merchandise ideas for their diapers promotion.

Unicharm, a Japanese company manufacturing diapers and wipes for kids, is offering different gifts with purchase as on pack promos. Customers can obtain this special offer when they purchase a set of the brand’s MamyPoko Bobby Diapers in Vietnam.

GWP ideas

GWP ideas: Charm Your Customers with GWP Merchandise

The company is currently operating in 80 countries and is a market leader in Asia in baby and feminine care products. Thus, the brand invests in promotional products to ensure customer loyalty as well as to promote their products.

What are the GWP items?

  • Stuffed toy: Kids will love these stuffed toys featuring designs of fruits such as apples and pears. Not only does it look cute, it also doubles up as a comfy pillow that kids can hug when they sleep.
  • Wipes: This gift with purchase is in a mini size and is actually one of the company’s other products. This allows customers to try out the product first so that they can purchase it if they like it.

What do we love about the various gifts with purchase as an On pack promo from Unicharm?

  • Pester Power: Children have a strong influence on the purchase decisions of their parents. When children see the promotional toy instore, they would ask their parents to purchase the product for them. Since diapers are an essential product that every young kid requires, they would purchase the product for their children. Alternatively, parents could also purchase a set of diapers to receive a packet of baby wipes for free.
  • Boosts Sales: Everyone is attracted to promotional toys, particularly children. Thus, customers will be encouraged to purchase the product to receive the different gifts with purchase.
  • Increases Brand Visibility: The gifts with purchase will definitely catch the eyes of customers  who will be attracted to the promotion. Thus, they will notice the brand and pay attention to it.
  • Customer Loyalty: With on pack promotions, customers will receive a greater perceived value of the product due to the gift with purchase that is included. Thus, the promotional gift will help to promote customer loyalty. It also makes customers feel appreciated.
  • Customer Retention: An on pack promotion is sure to keep your customers satisfied and happy. This in turn can encourage them to make repeat purchases as they have a positive impression of the brand.

GWP ideas

GWP ideas: Charm Your Customers with GWP Merchandise

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