Estee Lauder is an American manufacturer and marketer of prestige skincare, makeup, fragrance, and hair care products. Recently, they are introducing fantastic deals for loyal customers such as GWP makeup bag.

As part of their promotional drive, Estee Lauder in Boots, UK is offering customers a chance to receive a stylish branded GWP makeup bag when they purchase two or more Estee Lauder products, one to be skincare or foundation.

GWP Makeup Bag by Estee Lauder UK

GWP Makeup Bag by Estee Lauder UK

Why do we like this branded makeup bag as GWP?

  • Brand recognition. The conspicuous logo on the bag offers the brand unlimited exposure. Thus, improves brand awareness. It is the repetitive exposure to the logo that brings familiarity and retention to the customers. In this case, the logo is neatly placed with the right background colour contrast.
  • Boost sales. If customers are used to receiving promotional gifts each time they buy anything from the brand, it will certainly have a positive impact on customers. And having such good reputation, customers will crave for more items from the brand.
  • Practicality. Gifts that are utilised in these kinds of promotions should be useful and functional. Estee Lauder is fully aware of this. This is why the bag is the perfect gift with purchase for a makeup brand.
  • Design. The makeup bag looks really chic and posh. The perfect ensemble of colours on the bag would leave any makeup aficionado wanting for more.

The GWP makeup bag is the absolute idea to stay ahead of competition. As companies improve their marketing tactics, consumers are also seeing new products introduced in the market. Therefore, engaging in such a promotional idea greatly contributes to your brand’s success. Also, This isn’t your regular gift with purchase, this is something useful yet trendy.

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What is a gift with purchase promotion?

A gift with purchase is a marketing technique that encourages people to purchase items in order to receive a free gift. This means that you attach a free gift to each purchase of your product. In this case, it is a make up bag

How does a GWP make up bag benefit my brand?

If you are in the cosmetics or beauty industry just like Estee Lauder is, then a makeup bag is perfect as a gift with purchase because of its convenience and practicality. Your audience have need for it and are more likely to make purchases which in turn means more sales for your brand.