Estee Lauder, a famous French cosmetics brand, is running  a large scale gifts on purchase promotion throughout the US. For each 42.50 usd or more spent, clients receive a free makeup bag worth over 110 usd.

What is so attractive about this promotion is that it is held online so no matter where you are, as long as you are an US resident, you can benefit from this offer. What’s more the website even allows you to organize an assortment  of cosmetic products that they pack together with the free makeup case and send out to the loved one of your choice!

Promotional Gifts - Estee lauder makeup case

If customers spend more than 70 usd on the Estee Lauder US website, they get a bonus free tote bag! The tote bag matches perfectly the makeup kit : same colors, same  material, same design.

Promotional Gifts - Estee lauder tote bag

What Valentine’s day coming up in less than a month, this seems like a nice promotional gift idea for brands to give to their beloved clients…

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