Summer is coming, and Dove, one of the biggest skincare brands in the world has got it sorted with their new gift with purchase campaign currently in Zhuhai. So stock up and feel fresh for those hot summer days!

Dove offers Makeup Bag as Gift with Purchase

Dove offers Makeup Bag as Gift with Purchase

Doves promotional campaign means that with every purchase of more than one Dove Anti-Perspraint spray and roll on Deodorants, you will be entitled to receive a free Dove Branded make-up bag! Perfect for storing your essentials!

Why choose a gift with purchase for of your promotion?

  • Brand awareness. This kind of advertising also attracts new customers and encourage them to buy your product because people love free gifts. Besides it can stimulate them to buy your product again, as if they enjoy your gift for purchase it will be constantly in front of them.Customers will also use this make up bags for everyday needs, travels, and can be used for cosmetics and skincare products which every women needs! The more its used, the more your brand is exposed!
  • Customer retention. This promotional idea can shift the focus of buyers from your competitor – producers to your production, helps motivate potential customers to buy goods, and there by maintain the level of demand. And all these things to achieve positive dynamics of sales growth of your company’s products.

Hurry up and grab this ‘beautiful’ offer while you can, for more promotional ideas feel free to contact the ODM Group to get help with your projects and create your gift with purchase campaign thanks to years of experience of manufacturing and designing.

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