When spending more than 500 PHP in any of Watsons stores in the Philippines, customers will receive this gift with purchase tote bag for free. Founded almost 200 years ago, Watsons is the biggest health care chain in Asia and operates over 700 stores. With this gift with purchase tote bag they are trying to incentivize purchase by increasing the perceived value of their products. This is a commonly used promotional method that has a lot of advantages.

Gift with purchase tote bag from Watsons

Gift with purchase tote bag from Watsons

What are the advantages of offering a gift with purchase tote bag?

By increasing the perceived value of their products, customers are more likely to purchase them. Since the bags are only given away when customers spend over a certain amount, their average spend will increase. Printing your logo on promotional products means that they will also work as advertisement. Products such as this are kept for a long time and provide long-term advertising for a low cost. This means that they have a high ROI.

A tote bag such as this can be customized with different materials, colours, and designs to make it fit with your brand image. This diversity means that they can either be used as a low-end or high-end item depending on your preferences. For example many companies choose to use biodegradable bags to enhance their image as a environmentally friendly brand.

Another advantage of this product is that it will be used in public which further increases brand awareness. When choosing promotional products it is a good idea to use products that will be highly visible.

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