Macy’s is giving away a tote bag as a free gift with purchase. Simply spend $59.50 and above on any Taylor Swift fragrance to redeem your free gift with purchase! This tote bag is definitely a valuable addition into fashion wardrobe. Its tribal design takes no effort to stand out from the crowd. It is also a very practical bag which can be used daily or for travelling. Hesitate no more! Hurry and get yours today, while stock last!

Free gift with purchase: Tote Bag

Free gift with purchase: Tote Bag

How can this free gift with purchase help your customers feel good?

Tote bags are really practical due to its lightweight and durability. Your customers can bring it anywhere and use it on a daily basis. Your customers can also use it as an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags when they go grocery shopping. I’m pretty sure your customers will still want to look cool and fashionable even when buying groceries right?

How can this help your company with sales?

By making sure that your free gift with purchase has a large surface area, you can get ahead with your branding efforts. By having a large area to brand your message, you can improve its visibility. By letting people know that you are giving away a free gift with purchase to your customers, it helps attract and leave a good impression on them.

Furthermore, daily use of the tote bag ensures that brand recall happens to your customers.  They would also be reminded daily of your brand, and this would instill a sense of dependence on your brand. This will then help build your customer loyalty and also encourage repeat purchases from them. Don’t hesitate! Contact ODMgroup to kick start your very own free gift with purchase today!

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