Everyone loves a free gift with purchase right? Reason being that it increases the overall value of your purchase because you are getting more items than what you paid for! This time, Marc Jacobs has also caught onto the trend of giving away a free gift with purchase! Simply purchase any large spray from the MARC JACOBS fragrance collection and receive a complimentary tote bag as a free gift with purchase! This free gift with purchase was spotted on Macy’s and is limited to only one per customer, so hurry and get it while stock lasts!

Free gift with purchase: Marc Jacobs Tote

Free gift with purchase: Marc Jacobs Tote

Marc Jacobs is an American fashion designer, spearheading designs for Marc Jacobs as well as Marc by Marc Jacobs. It has over 200 retail outlets in 80 different countries.

Why offer a free gift with purchase?

As mentioned above, a free gift with purchase helps to make customers feel like the overall value of their purchase is higher as they get more items than what they paid for. This is merely one advantage for offering a free gift with purchase. Offering free gift with purchase also helps you to market your brand further. Imagine giving away a complimentary tote like Marc Jacobs, this tote allows you plenty of surface area to brand your logo or message. This drastically improves visibility of your logo towards bystanders, onlookers, people who might not yet be your customers.

Offering a free gift with purchase can also help positively boost your company’s image. It shows to your customers that you care about them and you want to make their shopping experience with you a positive one! Furthermore, your free gift with purchase can be made using recyclable materials! This improves your company image in terms of corporate social responsibility; therefore, the public will tend to trust your company more. People are more willing to buy a product from a company that uses a portion of it for corporate social responsibility!

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