Macy’s is giving away a free tote bag as its gift with purchase for at least $75 worth of purchase from its retail outlets. The tote bag is a great way of carrying large amount of items anywhere. Read more to find out how this tote bag can be used effectively as a gift with purchase

Macy's Gift with Purchase: Tote Bag

Macy’s Gift with Purchase: Tote Bag

Macy’s is a retail organization operating stores and Internet Websites under two brands of Macy’s and Bloomingdale‘s that sell a range of merchandise, including apparel and accessories, cosmetics, home furnishings and other consumer goods in 45 states.

Increasing Sales Using Gift with Purchase

Gift with purchase is a marketing tool that can increase your brand image and drive sales. It shows that the company is customer oriented. It is also a gesture of generousity towards customers. This will lift up the brand image of Macy’s

This tote bag is great for carrying bulky items such as files, books or groceries. It is useful for carrying a large amount of items such as A4 sized papers. It has a comfortable strap which provides support to the user’s shoulders while carrying heavy-weight items. The tote bag is made of a durable PVC material which makes the bag long-lasting.

The tote bag may be branded with Macy’s logo in order to boost brand awareness. Thus, more people will know about Macy’s and they are more likely to patronise Macy’s outlets. Moreover, the tote bag may be branded with Macy’s logo in order to increase brand recall.

This will remind existing customers of Macy’s departmental stores and encourage them to make repeat purchases there. Thus, this will increase sales for Macy’s. By giving this tote bag as a gift with purchase of at least $75 worth of spending, it encourages potential shoppers to spend more. Hence, this increases sales for Macy’s.

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