Natio is currently having a giveaway from now till 28th January 2013. With every purchase of $30 or more across the Natio range, you would get to receive a cooler bag as a giveaway. So what are you waiting for? Simply head down to the nearest store now and the cooler bag is yours!

Giveaway by Natio: Cooler Bag

Giveaway by Natio: Cooler Bag

Natio is one of the fastest growing beauty brands in Australian department stores and the top performing skincare and bridge make-up brand in Australian pharmacies. It has evolved from an Australian family business that has been manufacturing skin care and cosmetics for national and international brands over four generations during the past 75 years.

Why did Natio use the cooler bag as a giveaway?

A cooler bag is a unique promotional gift as it is not commonly used as a giveaway for beauty brands.  Cooler bags are insulated bags made of materials that have thermal insulation properties and they are commonly used to help maintain the temperature of any contents, be it hot or cold.

Cooler bags are great for camps or events like birthday parties where you want to bring chilled drinks along while ensuring that they are still cool when you reach the destination. Brands like Häagen-Dazs and Yakult can also make use of this cooler bag as a giveaway as consumers tend to worry about their ice-cream melting or their drinks are not chilled by the time they get home from the grocery store. With this cooler bag, consumers would not have to worry anymore as all they have to do is to place their purchases in the cooler bag and the ice-cream and drinks would remain chilled until they reach home.

How can the cooler bag help to increase sales?

Natio has imprinted leaves all over the cooler bag to build brand identity as these leaves represent nature. It symbolizes Natio. Whenever customers use the cooler bag, they would be able to recognize that it is from Natio due to the leaf imprints all over the cooler bag. With this brand identity, consumers would come to recognize Natio just from the leaf imprints and this can aid in brand recall.

With a strong brand identity and increasing brand recall, the company would generate more sales over time which all companies strive for as they carry out promotions.