Afraid that the ice-cream you purchase while grocery shopping would melt by the time you reach home? Fret not, since this promo gift would be able to keep the ice cream cold and frozen and prolong the time it takes to melt.

These cooler bags could be given as a promotional gift to customers who purchase ice-cream from the supermarket so that they could place the ice-cream tubs in it while on the way home. Moreover, the cooler bags can be reused for other purposes and not for a one-time usage only.

Promo Gift - Cooler Bags

Promo Gift – Cooler Bags

Why use the cooler bags as a promo gift?

There are many other types of promo gift ideas in the market. However, cooler bags make good promo gifts as it is useful, convenient and reusable.

Customers dislike their ice cream melting while they grocery shop. It is especially so for those who don’t normally go home straight after visiting the supermarket.

It is very easy for the ice-cream they have bought to melt. Now, these cooler bags would come in handy whereby ice-cream tubs can be placed in the bags to retain its cold.

Cooler bags can come in many different colours such as blue, orange or red. This is to attract customers to make more purchases in order to collect all the different coloured cooler bags. This could help increase sales for the company.

Benefits of the cooler bags as a promo gift

Companies such as Haagen-Dazs, Ben & Jerry or Wall’s can brand their logo on these cooler bags when giving them out as a promo gift. It can definitely increase their brand awareness.

Whenever consumers use the branded cooler bags, they would remember your company. This increases brand recall and drive repeat purchases. Eventually it contributes to customer loyalty.

Not only so, when consumers carry these cooler bags out for a picnic or so, other people would be able to see the logo imprinted on these cooler bags. Hence, it can also act as a free advertising tool for your company and help boost sales and improve brand value.